Indian Railways Rules And Regulations

Concession Rules for Train Journey

Indian Railways offer concession on train travel. But the concessions are admissible to the certain categories of persons and the concession amount varies accordingly, which are as follows:

» Orthopaedically Handicapped/ Paraplegic persons along with an escort travelling for any purpose.
» Blind / Deaf and Dumb / Mentally retarded persons travelling alone or with an escort for any purpose.
» Cancer / Heart / Thalassemia / Kidney / Haemophilia / T.B. / Lupas Valgaris / Non-infectious Leprosy    / Ostomy patients travelling alone or with an escort for treatment or periodic check-up.
» Sr. citizens of minimum 60 years - travelling for any purpose.
» Recipients of President's Police Medal for Distinguished Service, after the age of 60 - travelling for any    purpose.
» Doctors (Allopathic) travelling for any purpose.
» Shram Awardees / National Awardee Teachers - travelling for any purpose.
» Either of parents accompanying the Child Recipients of National Bravery Award - travelling for any purpose.
» War Widows / Widows of I.P.K.F. Personnel killed in action in Sri Lanka - travelling for any purpose.
» Widows of policemen & paramilitary personnel killed in action against terrorists and extremists - travelling for any purpose.
» Widows of defence personnel killed in action against terrorists & extremists - travelling for any purpose.
» Widows of martyrs of Operation Vijay in Kargil in 1999 travelling for any purpose.
» Students for going to hometown and educational tours.
» Students of Govt. schools in rural areas - for study tour - once a year/
»Entrance exam - girls of Govt. schools in rural areas for national level for medical, engineering, etc. entrance exam/
» Concession to students appearing in main written examination conducted by UPSC or Central Staff Selection Commissions.
» Foreign students studying in India - travelling to attend camps/seminars organised by Government of India and also visit to places of historical & other importance during vacations.
» Research scholars up to the age of 35 years - for journeys in connection with research work.
» Youths attending National Integration Camps of National Youth Project / Manav Uththan Sewa Samiti.
» Students and non-students participating in work camps.
» Unemployed youths to attend interview for job in Public Sector Organisations (i.e. Central/ State Govt. offices, Statutory Bodies, Municipal Corporation, Govt. Under-taking, University or Public Sector body) or to attend interviews for jobs in Central and State Government.
» Cadets and Marine Engineers apprentices undergoing Navigational/ Engineering training for Mercantile » Marine - for travel between home and training ship.
» Bharat Scouts & Guides - for scouting duty.
» Teachers of Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools - for educational tours.
» Kisans and industrial labourers - for visit to agricultural/industrial exhibitions.
» Kisans travelling by Govt. sponsored special trains.
» Kisans & milk producers - visit to National Level Institutes for learning/training better farming/dairy.
» Delegates for attending Annual Conferences of Bharat Krishak Samaj / Sarvodaya Samaj, Wardha.
» Delegates for attending Annual Conferences certain All India bodies of social/cultural/educational importance.
» Nurses & midwives - for leave and duty.
» Members of St. John Ambulance Brigade and Relief Welfare Ambulance Corps, Calcutta - for ambulance camps/ competitions.
» Bharat Sewa Dal, Bangalore - for attending camps/meetings/rallies/ trekking programmes.
» Volunteers of Service Civil International - for social service.
» Artistes - for performance.
» Sportsmen participating in all India and state tournaments / national tournaments.
» Persons taking part in mountaineering expeditions organised by IMF.
» Press Correspondents accredited to Headquarters of Central & State Governments/Union Territories/ » Districts - for press work.
» Persons with income less than Rs. 400 p.m. working in unorganised sectors for journeys up to maximum 100 km.

Forms for Concession / Reservation
Due to frequent enquiries, regarding availability of concession / reservation forms, Indian Railways has put up the forms on their website. Required forms can be printed and used for getting the concession or reservation.
Refund rules for tickets purchased on credit card
» Tickets can be cancelled and credit slip obtained only at suchRailwaystations where credit card counters exist.
Refund rules for Tatkal ticket
» Refund of 25% of total ticket fare, excluding Tatkal charges, only when the ticket is presented for cancellation up to 24 hrs before the scheduled departure of train.
Refund rules for lost / misplaced tickets
» No refund for waitlist / lost / torn/ misplaced tickets. However, duplicate ticket will be issued on the collection of 25% of the fare per passenger, if the loss of confirmed / RAC ticket is reported before the preparation of the reservation chart.
» If the loss of confirmed / RAC ticket (confirmed) is reported after the preparation of the reservation chart, duplicate ticket will be issued on the collection of the 50% of the fare.
» No duplicate ticket will be issued against lost RAC ticket (un-confirmed) after the preparation of reservation chart.
» Refund on torn / mutilated ticket is admissible if its genuineness and authenticity are verified on the basis of particulars visible on the face of such ticket. Cancellation charges will be deducted as per rules
Break Journey Rules
Indian Railways allow break of journey, at en-route station only on those single journey ticket which are for more than 500 km. However, there are some rules related to break journey, which are as follows:-

» Only one break-journey will be permitted on tickets up to 1000 km
» Maximum two break-journeys will be allowed on tickets of more than 1000 km
» The period of break-journey that can be availed at a station will be up to a maximum of 2 days only,    excluding the day of arrival and the day of departure of the train