Airline Time Days Duration & Stops

LPBLIM Lan S.a. (LA 2561) Check Time M-WT--S 1h 55m & Non Stop Book now

LPBSAO (OB 736) Check Time -T---S- 5h 45m & Non Stop Book now

LPBLIM Avianca (AV 7391) Check Time MT--FSS 2h 5m & Non Stop Book now

LPBLIM Lan S.a. (LA 2563) Check Time -T--F-- 2h & Non Stop Book now

LPBLIM Peruvian Airlines (P9 330) Check Time MTWTFSS 2h 40m & Non Stop Book now

LPBSAO Lan S.a. (LA 2561) Check Time --W---- 14h 5m & 1 Stop Book now

LPBBUE Lan S.a. (LA 2561) Check Time --W---- 8h 12m & 1 Stop Book now

LPBBUE (OB 736) Check Time ------S 5h 5m & 1 Stop Book now

LPBBUE (OB 660) Check Time -TWTFS- 5h 35m & 1 Stop Book now

LPBSAO (OB 660) Check Time -T---S- 5h 10m & 1 Stop Book now

LPB La Paz J F Kennedy International Airport La Paz | Great Deals on Flight Tickets from / to LPB, La Paz at MakeMyTrip India

EI Alto International Airport ( LPB ) serves to the city of La Paz in Bolivia. One of the highest international airports in the world, EI Alto International Airport is situated at an elevation of 4,061 metres and has two runways. EI Alto International Airport is a major hub for Aerosur, the largest private carrier of Bolivia. Aerocon, Amaszonas, American Airlines, LAN Airlines, LAN Peru, Sky Ailine, Boliviana de Aviacion, TAM and TACA Peru are other airlines that operate flights to and from EI Alto International Airport. Operated by Abertis Airports, EI Alto International Airport charges departure tax to domestic as well as international flights.

About La Paz (LPB)

La Paz , meaning 'The Peace' is the capital city of the Mexican state or Baja California Sur. With its history tracing back to 10,000 years during the in habitation by Neolithic hunter―gathers, the city still owns the rock painting near the city and throughout thje Baja California peninsula. The land of La Paz has a desert climate, which remains dry, warm and sunny around the year. Situated at the height of 3,650 meters above the sea level, La Paz is world's highest capital city. The city known for its lush landscape is full with bewitching nature beauty, which attracts like magnet the tourists from all overt the world. The 69 km Yungas Road that runs from La Paz to Coroico is a famous attraction. Everyone yearns to scrape the veil of sheet off the ancientness, and so Tiwanaku, located near south-eastern shore of Lake Titicaca is an amazing destination. It is one curious precursor to the Inca Empire. Nature lovers who love to trot the untempered hilly terrains find Sorata befitting their passion. Sandwitched between La Paz and Lake Titicaca, the town of Sorata is a base camp for the hikers onto mountains of Cordillera Real. Isla del Sol, a hilly island in south of Lake Titicaca serves another trotting area. La Paz locals are quite passionate about life and music, and this is exhibited through their entertainment centres, where live music and performances are doled out. For eg- Pena Marka Tambo, Teatro Municipal Alberto Saavedra Perez, Mongo's and La Casa del Corregidor. In field of culinary, the city has restaurants, fast food chains, and other eat outs which are quite experimental and inventive in case of mixing of cuisines and gelling out delicious drinks. Many such famous places are Alexander Coffee & Pub, Cafe La Terraza, El Arriero, Tambo Colonial, Eli's Pizza Express, Chez Lacoste, Chalet La Suisse and La Comedie Art-Cafe Restaurant. Clothing, sports goods, art and craft items, electronic items, food, vehicles, animals, books, hardwares and dairy treats- bag it all here in the city of La Paz. Famous shopping places are Liliana Castellanos, The Mercado Negro, Mercado 16 de Julio, Condoriri and Arco Iris. LA Paz is a great city where you get all served on one platter., India's leading travel portal is an apt place to get your tour packaged for this city. Book online tickets to La Paz and get5 cheap online flight tickets, choicest of destinations, accommodations and style of traveling. MakeMyTrip brings to you all within your budget and as per your preferred style.