Airline Time Days Duration & Stops

DARBAH Oman Air (WY 716) Check Time -T--F-S 8h 50m & 1 Stop Book now

DARBLR Oman Air (WY 716) Check Time -T--F-- 29h 55m & 1 Stop Book now

DARBOM Oman Air (WY 716) Check Time -T--F-S 27h & 1 Stop Book now

DARCAI Oman Air (WY 716) Check Time ----F-- 18h 15m & 1 Stop Book now

DARCOK Oman Air (WY 716) Check Time -T--F-S 10h 45m & 1 Stop Book now

DARDEL Oman Air (WY 716) Check Time -T--F-- 30h 40m & 1 Stop Book now

DARDXB Oman Air (WY 716) Check Time -T--F-S 10h 40m & 1 Stop Book now

DARFRA Oman Air (WY 716) Check Time ----F-S 20h 30m & 1 Stop Book now

DARHYD Oman Air (WY 716) Check Time -T--F-S 10h 30m & 1 Stop Book now

DARLON Oman Air (WY 716) Check Time ------S 21h 10m & 1 Stop Book now

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About Oman Air

Oman Air, the national carrier of Sultanate of Oman’s Civil Aviation sector, started its operations in the year 1993. Presently, it has emerged as one of the prominent carriers of the world, making Muscat a hub for tourism and commercial activities. Oman Air flights are taking passengers from all over the world to the destinations of their choice and these include London, Milan, Dubai and New Delhi. There are several benefits awaiting those who choose to purchase air tickets of Oman Air. Not only the airline has low air fare, but it also offers benefits like web check-in and access to luxurious lounges. Like most major airlines, Oman Air manages a fleet of Airbuses and Boeings along with Embraer aircrafts and ATRs. Each of them is equipped with requisite facilities for passengers. The airline is known for providing an array of delicacies to the passengers from across the world. In addition to this, in-flight entertainment keeps all age groups happy, making air travel a pleasurable experience. With the use of online booking facility, travellers can plan their trip with ease. The schedule for Oman Air is available on the official website and it allows fliers to choose the most convenient way to reach their endpoint.

About Dar Es Salaam (DAR)

The city of Dar Es Salaam is the largest city in Tanzania. Dotted with golden sandy beaches, the city is situated on a gigantic harbour on the eastern coast of Africa. It is divided into three districts, which are Ilala, Temeke and Kinondoni. Dar Es Salaam is the land where traditional merges with the modern, and come out in the form of a fine blend where conventions sit peacefully with bohemian. With its amazing location on the coast of East Africa, the land is full of breath taking attractions and vibrant activities. You can see eye widening architecture, wealth of arts & crafts, and cheap retail shopping complexes. Sea lovers have their passion played out here. Dar Es Salaam Yacht Club launches several events like day sailing, yacht racing and many more. Oyster Bay Beach is a famous beach of this destination where millions of tourists come every year for swimming, sun bathing, coral reefs exploring and so much more. Those who have the penchant for art will find contentment in Tinga Tinga arts. Tanzania has given birth to lots of artists. The land's artistic air can render in you the love for art; you can learn the amazing technique of traditional African hut paintings. Museums like Tanzania Village Museum and National Museum of Tanzania display to tourist the history, biology, art and ethnography of eastern African country. Shopaholics can go on full-fledged shopping spree by paying a visit to Mlimani City Shopping Mall, Mwenge Craft Market and Tanzania Village Museum. Log onto and buy online tickets to Dar Es Salaam. The leading travel portal of India, MakeMyTrip organizes the trips in a very convenient way, where you can opt for different services individually. Order cheap flight tickets, car rentals, your preferred accommodation options and much more with the help of MakeMyTrip.