Airline Time Days Duration & Stops

CHIEWR United (UA 3542) Check Time -----S- 2h 10m & Non Stop Book now

CHINYC United (UA 3542) Check Time -----S- 2h 10m & Non Stop Book now

CHIHOU United (UA 1057) Check Time MTWTFS- 2h 52m & Non Stop Book now

CHIHOU United (UA 3488) Check Time ------S 2h 57m & Non Stop Book now

CHIBOS United (UA 496) Check Time MTWTF-- 2h 17m & Non Stop Book now

CHIEWR United (UA 1626) Check Time -TWTF-- 2h 8m & Non Stop Book now

CHINYC United (UA 1187) Check Time MTWTF-- 2h 9m & Non Stop Book now

CHINYC United (UA 1626) Check Time -TWTF-- 2h 8m & Non Stop Book now

CHIRDU United (UA 3595) Check Time -T----- 2h 5m & Non Stop Book now

CHIRDU United (UA 3643) Check Time M-WT--- 2h 5m & Non Stop Book now

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About United Airlines

United Airlines is a major American airline company which headquarters is situated in Chicago. It was founded in 1926 as Varney Air Lines but later the name changed to Boeing Air Transport. It is also member of Star Alliance.

United Airlines is the largest airline in the world as it covers largest number of destinations in entire world. It offers air services for 1000 destinations in 170 countries and about 700 aircrafts are operated by it. It has strong international route network and 10 international hubs in which George Bush International Airport is the largest hub. It is combination of various airlines which include Capital Airlines, New York Air, Arizona Airways, National Air Transport, Air Micronesia, Pacific Air Transport, Varney Air Lines, Pan American, World Airways Challenger Airlines etc. The logo “U” is used on its aircrafts.

About Chicago (CHI)

The most populous city in the U.S. State of Illinois and the third most populous city in United States, Chicago is the city full of glittering lights and joyous atmosphere. It is a huge vibrant city with metropolitan luxuries of theater, shopping and fine dining. Chicago is one of the world's great cities with the asset of iconic sights and neighborhoods. The meaning of Chicago is found in movement through elevated tracks and subways, in the honor of tired feet and eyes raised once more towards the sky. It is a city full of world-class museums of art and science, sandy beaches, huge parks, public art and one of the finest collections of architectures in the entire world. The Adler Planetarium has all the information for space and astronomy, the Field Museum of Natural History has all the information of Egyptian treasures and Shedd Aquarium has the best collection of marine life, together called as Museum campus is one the most beautiful spot along the lake. The Art Institute of Chicago has an exclusive collection of Impressions, modern and classical art, and tons of historical artifacts. It is a place of beaches and waterfront parks where you can go for a quite picnic and enjoy the calm and peaceful evening away from the crowded city. It is a delightful snow-filled wonderland and even referred to as a very passionate sports town. Chicago is a place for shoppers where you can buy things on a budget or in luxury. The most famous shopping street is The Magnificent Mile which includes designer boutiques and multi-storey malls. State Street is great for department stores. It is one of the great restaurant towns and you can find every cuisine which reflects the city's ethnic and working class roots. It is a major transport hub and has the third largest inter-modal port. Start planning your trip and get your tickets booked from The website offers you with a host of services such as hotel deals, flight deals and holiday packages. You have the freedom to book cheap air tickets and hotels to any destinations in the world according to your budget and need.