Airline Time Days Duration & Stops

BKKMCT Oman Air (WY 818) Check Time M-WT--- 6h 50m & Non Stop Book now

BKKMCT Oman Air (WY 5557) Check Time -T-T--S 8h 25m & Non Stop Book now

BKKMCT Oman Air (WY 816) Check Time M-WTFSS 6h 50m & Non Stop Book now

BKKLON Oman Air (WY 818) Check Time --WT--- 16h 25m & 1 Stop Book now

BKKFRA Oman Air (WY 818) Check Time M-WT--- 15h 45m & 1 Stop Book now

BKKPAR Oman Air (WY 818) Check Time M-WT--- 16h 25m & 1 Stop Book now

BKKMIL Oman Air (WY 818) Check Time M-WT--- 16h 5m & 1 Stop Book now

BKKRUH Oman Air (WY 818) Check Time --W---- 16h 30m & 1 Stop Book now

BKKIST Oman Air (WY 818) Check Time --W---- 27h 30m & 1 Stop Book now

BKKDXB Oman Air (WY 818) Check Time M------ 14h 15m & 1 Stop Book now

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About Oman Air

Oman Air, the national carrier of Sultanate of Oman’s Civil Aviation sector, started its operations in the year 1993. Presently, it has emerged as one of the prominent carriers of the world, making Muscat a hub for tourism and commercial activities. Oman Air flights are taking passengers from all over the world to the destinations of their choice and these include London, Milan, Dubai and New Delhi. There are several benefits awaiting those who choose to purchase air tickets of Oman Air. Not only the airline has low air fare, but it also offers benefits like web check-in and access to luxurious lounges. Like most major airlines, Oman Air manages a fleet of Airbuses and Boeings along with Embraer aircrafts and ATRs. Each of them is equipped with requisite facilities for passengers. The airline is known for providing an array of delicacies to the passengers from across the world. In addition to this, in-flight entertainment keeps all age groups happy, making air travel a pleasurable experience. With the use of online booking facility, travellers can plan their trip with ease. The schedule for Oman Air is available on the official website and it allows fliers to choose the most convenient way to reach their endpoint.

About Bangkok (BKK)

Located in lush Chao Phraya River delta in Thailand's verdant central plains, Bangkok is the capital city and the most populous area of Thailand. Owing to its lushness and greenery, like other parts of Thailand, Bangkok too has a tropical wet and dry climate. Apart from having beautiful landscape, the city has its own fair share of skyscrapers, giving it soaring urbanisation and sprouting prosperity. Since the land poses as the main gateway to Thailand, Bangkok is visited by a large number of international tourists making it one of the world's top tourist destination cities. Cultural treasure trove, shopping spree sources and tourists metropolis- Bangkok has it all. It is one of the most compelling and alluring Asian cosmopolitan cities. Shining magnanimous palaces, markets swarming with people from all over the world, giant temples throbbing with multi-diverse culture, hotels and restaurants of all breeds, price and amenities and a certain streak of pulsating life is all Bangkok has in store for tourists. The city has got something for every visitor. Grand Palace and Buddhist temples, like Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Pho, and Wat Arun are Bangkok's most famous sights. Influence of Hinduism in Thai culture can be viewed in the Giant Swing and Erawan Shrine. Where the city's architecture is concerned, the bewitching wonders can be found in Vimanmek Mansion in Dusit Palace and Jim Thompson House. Bangkok National Museum and the Royal Barge National Museum are two museums where the abundance of art, history and other cultural elements can be spotted. Beside the grand cruises and boat trips on Chao Phraya and Thonburi's canals can give you the panoramic sights of city's architecture and water-side life. is a famous online travel portal where you can easily book online tickets to Bangkok. Being India's leading Travel Company, here you can get cheap flight tickets, car rentals, knowledgeable tour guides plus latest exciting affordable Bangkok travel packages. If you are the first time traveller and don't know how to manage your journey, MakeMyTrip is here to plan your trip step by step, as per your preference and budget.