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Al Ain to Cordoba Flight Information:-

Looking for flights between Al Ain and Cordoba? Here’s all you need to know! For convenience and to save time, pick the airport that is closest to your destination. The nearest airport to Cordoba is Ambrosio L V Taravella and the IATA code for the same is COR.
Currently, there are ${airline_operating_count} airlines operating flights between the two destinations and approximately flights take off from Al Ain to Cordoba every week.

Need information on Al Ain to Cordoba airfare?

The minimum airfare for a Al Ain-Cordoba flight would be ${minimum_fare}, which may go up to ${maximum_fare} depending on the route, booking time and availability.
It is recommended that you book a round-trip, since it always works out to be more economical.

Flight Details for Al Ain to Cordoba

If you are looking for flights between Al Ain and Cordoba, there is no dearth of options to choose from. Several reputed airlines currently offer both direct and indirect flights between the two destinations. Some of these are ${airlines_operating}. Out of these, only ${non_stop_flights} airlines operate direct flights. Indirect flights may involve more travel time, but they usually cost lesser than direct flights.

The number of flights operated by each airline is as follows:${airline_count}

To board the first flight from Al Ain to Cordoba, choose ${first_flight_operator}, which departs at ${first_flight} The last flight for this route is ${last_flight_operator}, departing at ${last_flight}

Cordoba Airport Information

Ambrosio L V Taravella

About Al Ain (AAN)

The second largest city in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, Al Ain is an upcoming travel destination in the United Arab Emirates that offers a plethora of recreation activities and opportunities for tourists to delve in. There are a number of museums and recreation parks in addition to towering mountains, natural mineral springs and seven desert oases, making it simply a perfect tourist destination for many. On a trip to Al Ain, travellers can discover Al Ain oasis- the largest natural oasis in the region; explore the treasures of the Al Ain National Museum and Al Ain Palace Museum and enjoy surfing, kayaking and other sporting activities at Wadi Adventure- an exciting recreation park. One of the star attractions of the city is the Hili Archaeological Park- a Bronze Age site that is known for its rich archaeological heritage. Al Ain Zoo is an excellent place to visit with family and friends on an Al Ain tour. There are plenty of shopping and dining options as well in this city that suitably meet the individual preferences of the visitors. Al Ain Mall, Al-Jimi Mall and Bawadi Mall are three major shopping malls, where travellers can find a number of unique offerings along with well-known brands. Aptly called the ‘Garden City,’ this place represents a perfect haven of fun and relaxation in the middle of a desert region. MakeMyTrip presents several excellent travel packages, availing one of which can make any tour to this city an unforgettable experience.

Al Ain Address

Al Ain International Airport
Al Khaleej Al Arabi St
Al Ain
United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971-2-505-5000

About Cordoba (COR)


Cordoba Address


What is the today’s cheapest airfare from Al Ain to Cordoba?

You can get the best airfare of Rs. when flying from Al Ain to Cordoba.Book Now

How many flights fly from Al Ain to Cordoba everyday?

There are flights flying from Al Ain to Cordoba every day. Book Now

What is the lowest airfare I can get from Al Ain to Cordoba in the coming week ?

The lowest airfare for flying Al Ain to Cordoba is Rs. This deal is available only for the next 7 days!. Book Now

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