Aeroflot Russian Airlines Flight Schedule

Airline Time Days Duration & Stops

DELMOW Aeroflot Russian (SU 235) Check Time MTWTFSS 5h 30m & Non Stop Book now

DELMOW Aeroflot Russian (SU 233) Check Time MTWTFSS 5h 25m & Non Stop Book now

ATHDEL Aeroflot Russian (SU 2113) Check Time MTWTFSS 24h 35m & 1 Stop Book now

PRGDEL Aeroflot Russian (SU 2017) Check Time M-WTFSS 23h 10m & 1 Stop Book now

ISTDEL Aeroflot Russian (SU 2135) Check Time -TWTFSS 23h 15m & 1 Stop Book now

PEKDEL Aeroflot Russian (SU 201) Check Time -T-TF-S 27h 40m & 1 Stop Book now

PRGDEL Aeroflot Russian (SU 3301) Check Time -----S- 16h 10m & 1 Stop Book now

LONDEL Aeroflot Russian (SU 2571) Check Time -----SS 14h 15m & 1 Stop Book now

PARDEL Aeroflot Russian (SU 4455) Check Time ----F-- 14h 35m & 1 Stop Book now

PRGDEL Aeroflot Russian (SU 2011) Check Time MTWT-SS 13h 55m & 1 Stop Book now

Aeroflot Russian AirlinesAeroflot is a global airline and flag carrier of Russia. This airline provides air travel services to various destinations in all over the world. It covers all major cities in entire world and assumed to be the second largest airline in Europe. It offers safe, dependable service to destinations all around the globe. It covers 96 destinations in 49 countries using 302 flights on daily basis. Its main base is situated at Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow. It has also three other terminals. The fleet size of Aeroflot is about 80 which consists include Boeing 767, Airbus 319, 320, 321 and Tupolev 154. It offers direct frequent flight from Russia to other designations in entire world.

This airline was established on 17th March, 1923 and was the first carrier from Russia to be a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in 1989.

Aeroflot Airline Top Routes

Aeroflot serves for various domestic destinations throughout Russia. The main route which is covered by it is Moscow to St Petersburg, and back. It also has flights to major Russian cities, including Irkutsk and far away Vladivostok. In recent years this airline has made a great improvement. It has shed its old inefficient Soviet image and has included new aircrafts in its fleet. At present its fleet is combination of Airbus and Boeing jets as well as modern Russian made Ilyushin planes.

It has opened the doors of its own aviation school to provide training on 120 aviation specialties to 160 pilots every year. It is assumed to one of the top airline in the history of commercial aviation industry. The flight tickets of this airline are also available on affordable prices. It covers mainly regions like America, Asia, Russian Federation and CIS, Europe, Africa and Middle-East in its schedule. Passengers can book flight tickets very easily using online booking services. The main American cities which are covered by this airline are Los Angeles, Toronto, New York, Washington, Miami and Cancun and main Asian destinations covered by it are Delhi, Male, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and Tokyo. On domestic front, the airline offers flights to Tashkent, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Vladivostok, Ufa and Kazan. Aeroflot is also the member of Team Alliance.

Class Information

The aircrafts of this airline have three types of cabin seats; First class, Business class and Economy class. Passengers of first class and business class are offered various types of luxurious services. Each seat is ergonomically designed to offer more space and comfort. While onboard, passengers can choose from a diverse and exquisite selection of culinary treats. Best entertainment services are also provided to passengers. Economy class passengers are free to choose a variety of films and music to choose from. Thus Aeroflot airline is a best option of air travel in every respect.

Awards & Recognition

Various types of on board travel services are offered to passengers by this airline. Due to providing best services to passengers and best air services it has won several prestigious awards. It is also the winner of the 'Absolute Brand – 2012', which was awarded to it for being one of most expensive aviation brand.