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Nestling Meadows Eco Resorts (Camp Site), Nahan

Our Experience with our 1st visit to this property was horrible from a service perspective. I did this booking through MMT to have some quality family time over the long weekend, however, the day I booked I got an email from the resort owner (Mr. Harshvardhan Agarwal) stating that the booking needs to be canceled as MMT has offered me incorrect tariffs. When I called them up asking for a reason, they mentioned that there has been a confusion between the resort and MMT and wrong rates have been published on the website. The team clearly refused to allow me to continue with the booking. I had to make multiple calls and discuss on this for a couple of hours to make them understand that the confusion mentioned does not include me as a customer hence I should not be penalized for the same. To my surprise, Mr. Harshvardhan Avowal also mentioned that to honor this booking they may have to reduce the quality of service that they will offer I. E. Probably no chicken or paneer will be served at the dinner. I could not believe how ridiculously strong nonhospitality behavior can they show. Finally, I was allowed to continue with the booking and for the same I along with my wife and 2 kids left from Delhi on Saturday morning. The problems did not end here. To start off with, the resort is located approx 25 km ahead from what it shows on Google maps. When I called Mr. Manish Agarwal, I was being told that they missed on informing me that the google maps show an incorrect location for the resort and I would have to travel towards the JAMTA, BIRLA way to reach to the hotel which was quite far from where I was. As I did not have an option, I moved forward and reached the resort and that is when the other issue started with the quality of service. A) We were being informed at the resort that the dinner would be served between 8:00 pm till 10:30 pm. The kids were hungry so we were ready to have an early dinner and go off to sleep on time, the shock came in when the dinner was served only at 11:30 pm. The resort only had 2 staff serving and none of them had any answers around why is it taking time. Be) Next morning we got up at 7:00 am and requested the staff if Breakfast can be served for the kids by 8:30 am since we plan to check out by 9:00 am. We told them that we will be OK if they can serve it for the kids only. Accepting our request in a very strange way the Breakfast was served at 10:30 am and that too was in a way with a limited portion being served at a time with almost 40 people sharing that. Just like us, there were few other families who were really annoyed and wanted to discuss this with the owner but Mr. Owner never had any courtesy to coming over and talking to us. We liked the property, the service we received right from the start till the end has really left a very sour taste for Nestling meadows and we would never want to travel to this location ever in future. To add on, forget about recommending the property to anyone, we would not even deny people to visit their. I will be putting similar remarks on Facebook, Instagram and Trip advisor soon as I want to ensure that what we restrict people travelling to this property to spoil their vacation Regards, Atul Bhardwaj Mob 9811085298


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