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2.9 /5 (Hotel Sukanya Reviews)

By Sanjaya Kumar Pradhan

on 12 November, 2015


On order food arranged from the neighboring hotels, which is better to outside have your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Overall, experience average.

By Krishnendu Bairagya

on 23 October, 2015


Good hotel, not much better. Need to improve services, intercom system not working at all. So if you need to order anything you will have to come to the reception. Otherwise all things are good and food quality is good and sea is almost 3 mins walking distance from hotel. It is on the main road too.

By Jeet Chowdhury

on 27 April, 2015


I would suggest do not go for this hotel. If you order something they will take more than 3 hour to serve you that. They will give you breakfast at 12 PM. Sometimes they do not pick up the phone. Room service is very bad. I called them several time for drinking water but I have to go and take water by myself from there fridge. Food quality is not good. And sea beach is far from that location as well. Oh ya they take more than 1 hour to start there emergency generator in case of power cut. Sometimes you have to call them because there is no water in bathroom and you are in middle of your bath. Now enjoy.

By Prince Prakash

on 19 February, 2015


It was excellent, it was far from golden beach but was close to a decent beach, 2 minutes walk. You can see the beach from your balcony, nice experience. Beach was also not crowded and staff were very supportive. Roof is decorated well with stars