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Hotel Khyber Continental, Amritsar Hotel Details

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3.3 /5 (Hotel Khyber Continental Reviews)

By Deepak kaushal

on 06 July, 2014


The deluxe room was very very small.The TV was not working. We stayed there one night and when we complained about no signal'message on T.V They blatantly replied that it will be sorted out soon,again we inquired about the same at night and were told that the problem will only be solved next day.

By Pulkit Arora

on 25 January, 2014


The Room even after booking through MakeMyTrip,didn't gurantee the authenticity of the room displayed on the site. I was given a cornered room which was extremely samll for 2 people. The room had a foul smell and no cross ventilation, with a window that opens to the spider-webbed pipings of the Hotel. With no ventilation and low lighting,it was an extremely unpleasant experience. Moreover, they didn't give me a key to the room. Apparently the previous occupant had taken the key with them and the hotel told me to use The Master Key to open.

By Arun Kumar

on 15 June, 2013


The hotel is located at a very good location. Although the food served is in the expensive side rest of the services seems to be good. The hotel rooms are spacious and the shower is really awesome.

By Alison Brauner

on 17 May, 2013


The food at this hotel was unnecessarily expensive. It was okay food, but not worth what we paid for it. Additionally, I paid money for an Air Conditioned room, and all our room had was a dinky little rotating fan. We were so hot and the front desk was no help. White walls were not clean. The room felt dirty, dingy, and did not even have a single window.