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3.7 /5 (Hotel Embassy Reviews)
Very Good

By Sayan Maitra

on 18 December, 2015


very good hotel with beautiful location.. well room service attender.. near from hong kong market and bidhan market.. beautiful food and drinks.. well communicating system through wifi.. and the main thing is the neat and clean of all things impressed us most..

By Sanandita Chakraverty

on 05 November, 2015


My stay at Hotel Embassy, Siliguri was very average. Although the rooms were very luxurious, and they had free WiFi services, the customer service was poor. We had to remind them several times for an extra jug of water before it reached our rooms. The staff was not prompt to cater to our needs. But the room was cosy and the hotel was situated at a prime location.

By G gupta

on 01 November, 2015


Budget hotel. Located near Hong Kong market. Elevator out of order. Wi-Fi works. Food limited options. A/c works and rooms are clean. Staff cordial, can stay for a night. Buffet breakfast spread is good. Need to improve on restaurant side. Unlike other Summit properties, others are excellent.


on 20 October, 2015


An excellent place for a quick overnight stay. Rooms are well done and smart. WiFi connectivity in rooms makes it all the more pleasurable. One area of concern is the quality of food during breakfast which need serious improvement. Also we found the management under prepared to handle larger number of guests. We had to check-in a little early than the scheduled and the front desk took along time to register.