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Club Group Of Hotels India

Clifftop Club, Auli

Stayed in clifftop for 2 nights. The staff is good but the hotel needs maintenance. Carpets are smelly and dirty. Rec emended only from jan to march. The view is amazing but the hotel is overpriced and over hyped.

Bad hotel I have stayed ever... Food is even worst.. Have tried north/south/Chinese food but every thing was bad and wasted after ordering... Some dhabas are nearby where you can survive on Maggi and breads.

The Rangers Reserve, Corbett

Property is very nice. It's location is wonderful, in the middle of jungle. But the stretch of around 1. 5 KM to reach the resort at last is extremely bad. However, after that destination comes as a surprise for you. Food is excellent and their staff is also good at work. My suggestion- don't waste your time of Safari as you hardly get to see any wild animal, rather enjoy the surroundings. You can go with your partner or kids or take your entire family out there. Go for trekking and have fun.

At the Rangers Reserve, your mobile won't work, the room intercom might go dead, the TV won't work (all true for our three day stay), use it to your advantage, switch off. The service is amateurish to say the least, enjoy the innocence anyways. They might forget to tell you all the inclusions your package has, remember the intention isn't wrong and enjoy doing nothing. The property is well made, the rooms are nice, not an amazing view from there but it is green and heavenly nonetheless.

Alpine Club, Nainital

We made the booking and now I have to tell people not to book this property at all just not a good hotel to stay. Food is bad, services are below normal, charges are high you ask people in the hotel what time will I get hot water to take Bath, sir no water today but may be late evening, hand towel has no meaning, you will be given a towel. The floor is on higher floor and the kitchen is on ground floor by the time the things are reached the table they are cold, the location is good away from the city and some time you do not get taxi for going to the Mall Road.

When I was reached hotel with confirmed booking was in my Mobile phone) at 10:00 pm the hotel "Mukesh joshi" staff told me that they have not any information about this booking and the rooms are also not available in the hotel. Because of this issue I were faced a very huge problem with me and my family. So that I demand full refund as hotel.

Mountain Club, Bhimtal, 22 kms from Nainital, Nainital

Its location is too much on heoght from road. You will definitely find it problematic. But hotel rooms will give you a Nice feeling and they were quite clean and with Nice aura. Service is little bit of late. Availability of things you want is below average. And if hotel arranges something for you, its going to be really very costly. But overall stay was good. And had peace. Really peaceful place it is.

The approach road to the resort measuring approx 3 kms from the main road is in a pathetic condition. In fact, it's a kachha (mud) road. One of the front tyres of my car got completely damaged during my stay as this is the only route you can take if you want to go anywhere in that area. The hotel did not provide me with a Microwave-oven as promised earlier to be a part of the mini kitchenette facility. Upon check-in, they said they don't have a Microwave-oven and all that they can give me is a normal electric oven. The power supply to the hotel is a bit erratic (understandable it being a forest resort). However, the power back-up system is also not great. On my first night of stay (4-June), there was no power for about 2 hours - 3:00 am to 5:00 am. Coupled with a thunderstorm, it was a horrifying experience. Hotel staff was quite friendly except the Manager named Rishi. He was sounding rude and did not seem to be welcoming me as a guest.