Jet airways provide an interactive interface to the users that allows them to check in from web besides the airport check-in. The passengers can now avoid airport queues with their real time check-in options. You can also select the preferred seat and also print your boarding card with the web check in facility at Jet Airways dedicated portal and SMS check in options. The Jet airways web check-in facility reduces the passengers waiting time. The online website provides a link that can provide direct access to the Jet airways web check-in to the customers. Passengers can avail this service at the comfort of their home or office anytime within the specified time frame. The web check in facility uses latest technology to improve the airport experience of the customers and provide them convenience.

The web check in facility is ideal for business travelers who prefer to wait for minimum time at the airport. The customers who opt for web check in should carry all their travel documents with them in order to get them confirmed at the airport. The domestic travelers are required to get their boarding passes stamped at the airport’s check in area. The international travelers are also required to get their boarding passes stamped at the check in counters. Jet airways web check-in facility will help you manage all the manual work that is to be done on the airport.

A Guide to the terms and conditions for Jet Airways's web check-in facility, rules & policies where you can book and select your seats only at