There is more to flying than booking tickets and boarding a flight. There is a lot that happens between these two events. There are certain rules and regulations that are required to be followed for a safe and comfortable journey. The most important part that requires you to be sensible and co-operative is the amount of baggage that you wish to carry on board. There is a limit to everything and this is no exception. You are only allowed to carry a certain weight with you during your journey. Air India Express Baggage allowance is based on norms presented by the Bureau of Civil Aviation. Baggage allowance in Air India Express flights vary depending on the place you are boarding the flight from and the place you are flying to. International baggage allowance differs accordingly but domestic baggage allowance is uniform all across the country. If a person disapproves of the rules laid down by the Bureau of Civil aviation, he is accountable for his misconduct and is liable to be fined for the same. The entire information regarding baggage allowance for international and domestic flights is available on the online portal of Air India Express. After visiting the portal, you will be acquainted with the permissible limit of baggage for the first, executive and economy class. The baggage weight is different for domestic and international passengers.