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Noyna Roy

At 13 years of age, Noyna is our youngest and most enthusiastic travel writer. She lives in Singapore and shares beautiful experiences of her travels from around the world.

Noyna roy's Blog Posts


Istanbul is not an ordinary city; it is a melting pot of culture, history, and modernity. While the unique sights and smells of the destination wil ... »

Our short jaunt to the Andamans started with a flight from Chennai to Port Blair. The flight was two hours and five minutes long. From the plane, t ... »


To begin where we started our journey, read Bali:More than Just Beaches and Borobudur:Storytelling in Stone.  A wise man ... »

To begin where we started our journey, read Bali:More than Just Beaches. We woke up at 5 o’clock to the sound of the alarm ri ... »

The first destination on our Indonesia trip was Bali. This was my second trip to Bali and my excitement knew no bounds. I had vague memories f ... »


Day One: Driving down to Lake Manyara We spotted many beautiful Flamingoes in Tanzania    We began our drive f ... »


Driving down from Chennai to Pondicherry After spending a  laughter-filled evening in Chennai at my aunt’s house, the thought of w ... »


I really enjoyed day 2 of my Kenyan adventure. Come follow me on day 3 of my time in Kenya. Amboseli Game Ride ... »

life in kenya

I hope you enjoyed reading about Day 1 of my time in Kenya. Here's what I did on Day 2. Come along and join the adventure! Meeting a Warr ... »