Where to Go Road Tripping Abroad on Your Indian Driver’s License

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Last updated: Nov 16, 2017

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Germany: Rothenburg ob der Tauber, an old medieval town on the Romantic Road
France: The Eiffel tower, of course
Switzerland: The scenic Jungfraujoch


Carry translations of your license in the country's primary language
Drive along the beautiful beaches in Mauritius


Germany: Apfelstrudel, a delicious pastry filled with apples and flavoured with sugar, cinnamon, raisins
France: Baguettes and croissants, famous French breads
America: Hot dogs, an American classic


Germany: "Guten Tag!" - Good day!
France: "Bonjour" - Hello/Good day!


Never drink and drive
Take frequent pit stops to recharge

Want To Go ? 

If you’re a traveller, you’ll know that often the best way to explore a place is by hitting the road. And if you’re travelling abroad, driving can often save you the cost of expensive flights and trains. Why spend your time and money jostling with strangers when you can just rent your own car, and make a road trip out of it? Yes, it’s possible! Here’s a list of countries where the Indian driving license works:


germany abroad road trip indian license

Wouldn’t it be lovely to spend some time with your loved one on a romantic road? Pardon us, we meant the Romantic Road. This route in Germany is 400 kilometers long, passing through the heart of Bavaria, and provides you with the perfect opportunity to drive through a series of picturesque towns and castles. It’s the best way to explore the scenic beauty of the country. Another classic route is the German Castle Road, which passes through more than 70 of Germany’s medieval castles.

Indians can drive in Germany with a valid license for up to six months. However, you need to carry a German translation provided by the German diplomatic mission. Though it’s not mandatory, an International Driving Permit can be helpful as it carries translations.

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france abroad road trip indian license

France offers a lot more than just the Eiffel Tower. Whether you want to drive through hundreds of kilometers watching the French Alps or enjoy a short drive from Dijon to Santenay, a road trip in France won’t disappoint. And while you’re at it, spend some time stopping on your way to taste some of the finest wines that the country has to offer. But remember to not drink and drive.

Indian tourists can drive in France for a year with a valid Indian license. However, it’s mandatory to carry a French translation. You can apply for it at the Indian Embassy in France.

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United States of America

united states of america abroad road trip indian license

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. The same is true when you’re in America. Americans love road trips, and the country has a lot of routes to plan your perfect one. You could take the 1,600 kilometre North Atlantic Coast route, which allows you to explore some of the most iconic cities in America. You start the journey in Boston, one of the oldest cities in America, and end in the capital, Washington D.C. Or you could drive down the Great River Road, which follows the Mississippi river. This trip begins in Minnesota and ends in Louisiana. Another great option is the Pacific Coast Highway, where you can drive down the coastlines of California, Oregon and Washington.

Indian tourists are allowed to drive in the United States for a year with a valid Indian license. However, your license needs to be in English. Otherwise, you need an International Driving Permit. It’s also mandatory to carry an I-94 Form. It shows your arrival date to the United States.

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switzerland abroad trip indian license

Remember SRK and Kajol driving through Switzerland in a red convertible in DDLJ as their romance unfolds? Well, you can do that too! The country offers many beautiful routes for road trips. St. Gotthard Pass Road, stretching for more than 60 kilometers between the Italian-speaking Biasca and German-speaking Andermatt is a great choice. Tolls on this route might slow you down a bit you but the drive is definitely worth it.

With a valid Indian driving license, you can drive in Switzerland for up to a year. You don’t need to go through any additional paperwork or formalities.

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A serene island located close to the Southeast coast of Africa, Mauritius has become a popular tourist destination for Indians. Luckily, tourists are allowed to drive in Mauritius with their domestic driving license for up to 4 weeks. A road trip from South of the Island near the Airport to North of the Island near Grand Bay will let you see the amazing beaches and other scenic attractions in Mauritius. 

When you visit Mauritius, you can easily find a lot of self-drive car rental services. Most vendors are located around popular hotels, and offer car rental services at reasonable prices. Self-driving through the beautiful roads in Mauritius is one of the best ways to learn more about the rich history of the island, and see amazing beaches. 

Besides these countries, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and Norway also allow Indian tourists to drive with a valid Indian license.

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So the next time you’re travelling to any of these countries, spend some time looking up car rentals. Then gather up your friends and discover exciting new places on what’s bound to be one of the most memorable road trips of your life.

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