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Sai Baba is associated with many miracles. Some of the miracles that his followers firmly believed that he performed include levitation, mindreading, exorcisms, materialization, bilocation, entering the samadhi state at will, lighting lamps with water and curing the diseased.


Best Time to Visit Shirdi

  • jan

  • feb

  • mar

  • apr

  • may

  • june

  • july

  • aug

  • sept

  • oct

  • nov

  • dec

Peak Season

The best time to pay your respects and seek Sai Baba’s blessings is during the winter months of December to February as the weather is cool and pleasant at that time. The lowest temperature is usually around 8°C. Shirdi sees a lot of tourists coming in between September and November, which is also the time for most Hindu festivals. Sai Baba's death anniversary is commemorated in October.

Off Season

Shirdi is a year-round destination although summers are hot and humid. The average temperature varied between 40°C and 20°C.