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Did you know? The five magnificent marble temples of Dilwara, a sacred pilgrimage site for the Jains, were built over a period of 200 years.


Best Time to Visit Mount Abu

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Although Mount Abu is a year-round destination, the time period between November and March can be considered as the best time to visit this place. Depending on what you want to do, here’s a monthly breakup of Mount Abu’s climatic conditions so that you can plan when to go:

November to February:
These months constitute the winter season in Mount Abu. Although winters in Mount Abu are not that extreme, the lowest temperature here would not go beyond 12 degree Celsius. Hence, it makes sightseeing and other outdoor activities for tourists. Also, many honeymooners plan their visit during this time.

March to June:
These months constitute the summer season in Mount Abu. Days are hot here but the temperature would not go above 33 degree Celsius. Evenings can be pleasant and perfect for boat rides at Nakki Lake and exploring this tiny hill station. If you want to experience the Gangaur festivities, don’t forget to visit the town in March.

July to October:
These months constitute the monsoon season in Mount Abu. Although the city receives less amount of rainfall but the scenic beauty of this pretty hill station doubles as the surroundings are filled with mountain mist and lush green environ. This weather is perfect for nature enthusiasts who love to stroll along the scenic side of Mount Abu and seek solace in simple pleasures of the mountain life.