Places To Eat in Cochin

  • Daal Roti Restaurant

    Daal Roti Restaurant

    Daal Roti Restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants in the Fort Cochin area and has more than just daal, roti on offer.

    The restaurant serves a wide array of north Indian dishes – all of them, delicious! The ambience is good and the service leaves you ...

    Indian Restaurant
  • Kashi Art Café

    Kashi Art Café

    Kashi Art Café gives the vibe of a hip and casual restaurant – and it does that without compromising on the service or the quality of the goods.

    You can order a good cup of coffee here while you wait for your breakfast or lunch. The restaurant also ...

    Local Restaurant International Cuisine
  • Oceanos Restaurant

    Oceanos Restaurant

    Oceanos Restaurant is a good place to relax while munching on a good dinner or lunch. The restaurant has earned the reputation of serving delicious seafood. The ambience of the restaurant is pleasing while the service is superb. ...

  • Chilliout Café

    Chilliout Café

    The Chilliout Café at the Cherai beach is fast becoming a hangout for foreigners and young Indian tourists. The atmosphere at the restaurant is hip and happening while the menu offers a wide range of western delicacies.

    You will find not one plastic seat or concrete in sight ...

  • Meen Molagitta Curry

    Meen Molagitta Curry

    Meen Molagitta Curry (smoked freshwater fish with chilly and coconut milk) is the most famous of cuisines from Cochin’s platter. At some places, it is stuffed with bread and mashed potatoes. ...

    Local Dish Must Try
  • Kurukku Kalan

    Kurukku Kalan

    Vegetarians can take delight in one of Cochin’s traditional vegetarian specialties Kurukku Kalan, which is a thick yogurt curry preparation with toasted banana and hot rice. ...

    Local Dish Must Try