Available Trains 

19052   Bl Shramik Exp

Varanasi Jn (02:20)Udhna Jn (03:54)
09052   Bsb Valsad Spl

Varanasi Jn (05:25)Udhna Jn (11:45)
12946   Tapti Ganga Exp

Varanasi Jn (17:30)Surat (18:50)
19046   Tapti Ganga Exp

Varanasi Jn (17:30)Surat (18:50)

More About - Varanasi To Surat Trains 

Want to travel from varanasi to surat on rails? Know about trains in the route. Trains that run on this route are Tapti Ganga Exp, Bl Shramik Exp, Bsb Valsad Spl and etc. There are different starting junctions like Varanasi Jn. You can also choose your train according to total time taken by different trains which varies from 30 hrs 20 mins to 25 hours 20 mins. Choose your pickup points from Varanasi Jn( like Tapti Ganga Exp, Bsb Valsad Spl, Bl Shramik Exp ).