Available Trains

18612   Bsb Rnc Express

Varanasi Jn (14:50)Ranchi (04:15)
18312   Bsb Sbp Express

Varanasi Jn (14:50)Ranchi (04:15)
18632   Rnc Garib Nawaz

Varanasi Jn (14:50)Ranchi (04:15)
18610   Ranchi Express

Varanasi Jn (19:55)Ranchi (07:25)

More About - Varanasi To Ranchi Trains

Want to travel from varanasi to ranchi on rails? Know about trains in the route. Trains that run on this route are Ranchi Express, Rnc Garib Nawaz, Bsb Sbp Express, Bsb Rnc Express and etc. Know the train routes from different locations in varanasi like Varanasi Jn. Different trains running from varanasi to ranchi takes time approximately from 13 hrs 25 mins to 11 hours 30 mins. Choose your pickup points from Varanasi Jn( like Ranchi Express, Rnc Garib Nawaz, Bsb Rnc Express, Bsb Sbp Express ).