Available Trains 

13151   Jammu Tawi Exp

Kashi (02:18)Ludhiana Jn (01:40)
13307   Gangasutlej Exp

Kashi (04:59)Ludhiana Jn (06:05)
13049   Amritsar Exp

Kashi (08:08)Ludhiana Jn (07:03)
18103   Jalianwala B Ex

Varanasi Jn (08:15)Ludhiana Jn (03:48)
13005   Amritsar Mail

Kashi (08:56)Ludhiana Jn (05:35)
12355   Archna Express

Varanasi Jn (11:35)Ludhiana Jn (05:22)
12237   Begampura Exp

Varanasi Jn (12:50)Ludhiana Jn (06:20)
12331   Himgiri Express

Varanasi Jn (14:47)Ludhiana Jn (07:20)
04209   Bsb Uhp Exp

Varanasi Jn (15:30)Ludhiana Jn (10:05)
12317   Akal Takht Exp

Varanasi Jn (20:40)Ludhiana Jn (14:30)
15933   Dbrg Asr Expres

Varanasi Jn (23:00)Ludhiana Jn (17:55)

More About - Varanasi To Ludhiana Trains 

Book your train tickets from varanasi to ludhiana. To name some trains that run from varanasi to ludhiana are Begampura Exp, Akal Takht Exp, Amritsar Exp, Jammu Tawi Exp, Himgiri Express, Gangasutlej Exp, Amritsar Mail, Bsb Uhp Exp, Dbrg Asr Expres, Jalianwala B Ex and etc. You can board your train from different locations in varanasi like Varanasi Jn, Kashi. There are different trains that travel from varanasi to ludhiana and time taken by these trains varies from 25 hrs 6 mins to 16 hours 33 mins. You can book your tickets on trains that run daily like Gangasutlej Exp, Begampura Exp, Amritsar Exp, Amritsar Mail, Jammu Tawi Exp or trains that run weekly like Archna Express, Himgiri Express, Jalianwala B Ex, Dbrg Asr Expres, Akal Takht Exp, Bsb Uhp Exp and etc. There are different pick up points in varanasi from Kashi( like Amritsar Mail, Gangasutlej Exp, Jammu Tawi Exp, Amritsar Exp ), Varanasi Jn( like Himgiri Express, Archna Express, Jalianwala B Ex, Bsb Uhp Exp, Begampura Exp, Akal Takht Exp, Dbrg Asr Expres ).