Available Trains 

09411   Adi Patna Spl

Ujjain Jn (00:40)Bhopal Jn (03:30)
19305   Shipra Express

Ujjain Jn (01:10)Bhopal Jn (04:00)
59389   Indore bhopal Passenger

Ujjain Jn (01:30)Bhopal Jn (05:30)
19606   Aii Koaa Expres

Ujjain Jn (01:45)Bhopal Jn (06:45)
12719   Aii Hyb Sf Exp

Ujjain Jn (02:40)Bhopal Jn (06:10)
11465   Smnh Jbp Expres

Ujjain Jn (03:50)Bhopal Jn (08:30)
11463   Smnh Jbp Expres

Ujjain Jn (03:50)Habibganj (08:45)
12976   Jaipur Mysore Express

Ujjain Jn (04:00)Habibganj (07:20)
12968   Jaipur Madras Express

Ujjain Jn (04:00)Habibganj (07:20)
18474   Jodhpur puri Express

Ujjain Jn (04:00)Habibganj (07:20)
12583   Bl Puri S F Ex

Ujjain Jn (05:05)Bhopal Jn (08:10)
07228   Aii Ogl Mtm Spl

Ujjain Jn (05:10)Bhopal Jn (09:30)
09736   Jp Sc Spl

Ujjain Jn (06:25)Bhopal Jn (09:40)
19711   Jaipur Bhopal Express

Ujjain Jn (08:05)Bhopal Jn (11:25)
19656   Aii Bpl Exp

Ujjain Jn (08:15)Bhopal Jn (11:25)
07126   Aii Hyb Spl

Ujjain Jn (11:30)Bhopal Jn (14:40)
12919   Malwa Express

Ujjain Jn (14:10)Bhopal Jn (17:25)
19313   Indore Patna Express

Ujjain Jn (15:45)Bhopal Jn (18:35)
16325   Ahilyanagari Ex

Ujjain Jn (18:25)Bhopal Jn (21:05)
12913   Trishatabdi Exp

Ujjain Jn (22:25)Habibganj (01:33)
09307   Yashwantpur Spl

Ujjain Jn (22:50)Habibganj (02:05)
09715   Jp Sur Spl

Ujjain Jn (23:00)Bhopal Jn (02:40)

More About - Ujjain To Bhopal Trains 

Planning to travel from ujjain to bhopal via rail. Find the list of trains according to your suitability. Some of the trains running on this route are Aii Ogl Mtm Spl, Indb Patna Exp, Aii Hyb Sf Exp, Yashwantpur Spl, Jp Sc Spl, Malwa Express, Aii Bpl Exp, Bl Puri S F Ex, Jp Cbe Sup Exp, Adi Patna Spl. There are various points from where you can catch up these trains like Ujjain Jn. Different trains running from ujjain to bhopal takes time approximately from 5 hrs 0 mins to 2 hours 40 mins. Out of these 6 trains run daily and are Malwa Express, Bhopal Passenge, Jp Bpl Exp, Aii Bpl Exp, Dhd Hbj Fast Pa, Narmada Express and 22 are on weekly basis. There are different trains passing from various stations from ujjain like from Ujjain Jn( like Jp Madras Expre, Indb Patna Exp, Aii Bpl Exp, Indb Rjpb Exp, Jp Sc Spl, Bl Puri S F Ex, Aii Hyb Spl, Bhopal Passenge, Aii Koaa Expres, Shipra Express ).