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Udupi to Goa Trains

Following is the list of all the trains running between Udupi to Goa Railway Stations:

Train Train Name Origin Departure Destination Arrival M T W T F S S  
01066 Eranakulam Lokmanyatilak Special Udupi 09:40 Karmali 15:58 N N N N Y N N
01068 Kochuveli Lokmanyatilak Special Udupi 20:18 Karmali 01:36 Y N N N N N N
06918 Ngt Goa Expres Udupi 16:30 Vasco Da Gama 22:00 N N Y N N N N
11098 Poorna Express Udupi 09:18 Madgaon 15:00 N Y N N N N N
12134 Mumbai Express Udupi 15:02 Madgaon 18:15 N Y N Y N Y N
12202 Lokmanyatilak Garib Rath Udupi 21:49 Karmali 02:15 N N N Y N N Y
12217 Sampark Kranthi Udupi 21:49 Madgaon 01:35 N N N N N Y N
12431 Rajdhani Express Udupi 07:14 Madgaon 10:15 N N Y N Y Y N
12617 Mangala Ldweep Udupi 23:18 Madgaon 03:40 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
12620 Matsyaganda Express Udupi 16:00 Madgaon 20:45 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
12977 Maru Sagar Express Udupi 06:22 Madgaon 10:45 Y N N N N N N
12997 Hapa Express Udupi 21:49 Madgaon 01:35 Y Y N N N N N
16312 Bikaner Express Udupi 06:22 Madgaon 10:45 N N N N N N Y
16334 Veraval Express Udupi 06:22 Karmali 11:27 N Y N N N N N
16336 Gandhidham Express Udupi 06:22 Madgaon 10:45 N N Y N N N N
16338 Okha Express Udupi 06:22 Madgaon 10:45 N N N Y N Y N
16346 Netravathi Express Udupi 01:32 Karmali 06:27 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y

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About Goa City

Goa, the party hub of India is an easily accessible destination with flights available from all cities across the country. Many airlines offer cheap air tickets. If you are not keen to make a flight booking to Goa, you can also make reservations on a train through Indian Railways via Mumbai. Goa offers several cheap packages available from budget to luxury, star rated hotels. Goa has government operated bus services within the state. Bus bookings for overnight journeys can be done from Pune and Mumbai. So whether it is air travel, cheap hotel accommodation, bus tickets or train reservations, you can choose from a range of options available to you. Before booking cheap air tickets or a discount on your hotel accommodation and online bus tickets or online reservations for trains, remember to check the schedule for any change in timings.

A much-frequented tourist destination, Goa itself is surrounded by many attractive sightseeing possibilities. Well-connected, Goa offers visitors efficient bus services and excellent connectivity with trains. The varied nearby places include: Hampi (312 km), Jog Falls (250 km), Gokarna (125 km), Karwar (105 km), Udupi (321 km), Sindhudurg (59 km), and Mahabaleshwar (411 km). All these places are well connected to Goa, and customers also have the added advantage of enquiring about bus tickets (sleeper, AC bus, etc.,) and rail tickets, as well as purchasing them through online bus bookings and Indian Railways reservations systems.