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Udaipur City (UDZ), Udaipur Railway Station

: Udaipur City : UDZ : Udaipur
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Following is the list of all the trains starts from and pass through Udaipur City (UDZ), Udaipur Railway Station:

() Stop time    
1 Annanya Expres (12315)
03:00 Ends - N N N N N Y N
2 Ananya Express (12316)
Starts 00:30 - Y N N N N N N
3 Mewar Express (12963)
07:20 Ends - Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
4 Mewar Express (12964)
Starts 18:15 - Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
5 Gwl Udz Sup Exp (12965)
06:10 Ends - Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
6 Udz Gwl Sup Exp (12966)
Starts 22:20 - Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
7 Chetak Exp (12981)
07:50 Ends - N Y Y N Y N Y
8 Chetak Exp (12982)
Starts 17:20 - Y N Y N Y N Y
9 Udz Aii Express (12991)
Starts 06:15 - Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
10 Aii Udz Express (12992)
21:30 Ends - Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
11 Bdts Aii Udz Ex (12995)
08:55 Ends - Y N N Y N Y N
12 Udz Bdts Sf Exp (12996)
Starts 21:35 - N Y N Y N Y N
13 Udaipur City Ex (19657)
19:15 Ends - N N Y N Y N Y
14 Udz Indb Expres (19658)
Starts 20:30 - N Y N Y N Y N
15 Udz Adi Express (19943)
Starts 19:25 - Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
16 Adi Udz Express (19944)
08:05 Ends - Y Y Y Y Y Y Y


Udaipur City Railway Station

Distance From: Airport 8.9 km. | Pichola Lake 3 km. | Lake Palace 4 km. | Fateh Sagar 5 km. | Fateh Prakash Palace 5 km.

Amenities: Tourist Information Centre, STD/PCO, Computer Reservation Office, Retiring Room, Refreshment Room - Veg/Non Veg, Waitnig Room, Book Stall.

About Udaipur City

An important city of Rajasthan, Udaipur is often called as the 'City of Lakes' and 'Venice of East'. Udaipur, an exotic city offers a spectrum of activities for tourists. Gorgeous lakes, fantabulous fountains, lush green gardens, magnificent forts and palaces, beautiful Aravalli mountain range and ancient mansions converted into heritage hotels, Udaipur city has simply lots for every kind of traveller.

Udaipur City railway station (UDZ) is about 4 kilometres east of the centre of the city. The railway station is one of the main railheads of North Western Railways. It is served by many superfast and express trains from various parts of the country. It is directly connected to cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Jodhpur, Jaipur and Ajmer. Popular luxury train Palace on Wheel also has halt at this railway station.