Trivandrum To Pune Trains

Following is the list of all the trains running between Trivandrum to Pune Railway Stations:
Train Train Name Origin Departure Destination Arrival M T W T F S S
16332 Trivandrum cntl Mumbai Express Trivandrum Cntl 04:30 Pune Jn 16:30 N N N N N Y N
16382 Kanyakumari Mumbai Express Trivandrum Cntl 08:05 Pune Jn 00:35 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y

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About Trivandrum City

Trivandrum also known as Thiruvananthapuram is the capital city of Kerala state. Referred to as the ‘Evergreen city of India' by Mahatma Gandhi, Trivandrum presents a unique combination of natural beauty and modernity. Trivandrum is the political hub of ‘God's own country' Kerala and houses several important central and state government offices. Situated at the south western tip of India, the city is flanked by the cool blue Arabian Sea on the west. Sprawled across the undulating terrain of low coastal hills, the city is dotted with several picturesque picnic spots, educational institutions and companies. Bestowed with some serene beaches, tranquil backwater stretches, historic monuments and a rich cultural heritage, Trivandrum makes a must sought after destination for tourists and common travellers alike. 

About Pune City

Pune, once called as ‘Punyanagari' (literally meaning the ‘City of Virtues'), is the second biggest city of Maharashtra state. Situated 160 kms southeast of mumbai, Pune is considered as the ‘Cultural capital of Marathi speaking people'. Existence of Pune dates back to 937 AD, and Chatrapathi Shivaji, founder of the Maratha Empire spent early part of his life here. Even today after several centuries, various edifices in the city narrate the tales of the glorious past. With its marvelous ancient temples, exquisite sculptures, educational institutions, thumping nightlife, yoga, mediation and personality development centres and much more, Pune draws visitors from all over the world. 

More About - Trivandrum To Pune Trains

Want to travel from trivandrum to pune on rails? Know about trains in the route. Some of the trains running on this route are Mumbai Express, Cape Mumbai Exp. Know the train routes from different locations in trivandrum like Trivandrum Cntl. Different trains running from trivandrum to pune takes time approximately from 40 hrs 30 mins to 36 hours 0 mins. You can choose any of the trains that run on daily basis like Cape Mumbai Exp or some weekly trains like Mumbai Express and etc. There are different trains passing from various stations from trivandrum like from Trivandrum Cntl( like Cape Mumbai Exp, Mumbai Express ).