Tirur To Cochin Trains

Following is the list of all the trains running between Tirur to Cochin Railway Stations:
Train Train Name Origin Departure Destination Arrival M T W T F S S
11097 Poorna Express Tirur 00:25 Eranakulam Jn 04:10 Y N N N N N N
12978 Maru Sagar Exp Tirur 01:10 Eranakulam Jn 04:35 N N N N N N Y
12081 Jan Shatabdi Tirur 06:50 Ernakulam Town 09:45 Y Y N Y Y Y N
16314 Ernakulam Exp Tirur 07:28 Eranakulam Jn 11:30 N N N Y N Y N
16308 Alleppey Exp Tirur 07:28 Eranakulam Jn 11:25 Y Y Y N Y N Y
12618 Mngla Lksdp Exp Tirur 08:00 Eranakulam Jn 11:45 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
10215 Madgaon Ers Exp Tirur 08:10 Eranakulam Jn 12:05 Y N N N N N N
16649 Parasuram Exp Tirur 10:00 Ernakulam Town 13:35 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
19262 Kochuveli Exp Tirur 10:13 Eranakulam Jn 14:10 N N N N N Y N
16345 Netravati Exp Tirur 11:15 Eranakulam Jn 14:40 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
16605 Ernad Express Tirur 12:36 Eranakulam Jn 16:15 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
12075 Jan Shatabdi Tirur 14:15 Eranakulam Jn 17:20 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
01067 Ltt Ten Special Tirur 14:55 Ernakulam Town 18:30 Y N N N N N N
12201 Kcvl Garib Rath Tirur 14:55 Ernakulam Town 18:30 N Y N N N Y N
16306 Ernakulam Exp Tirur 16:55 Eranakulam Jn 20:20 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
01065 Cstm Ers Spl Tirur 17:05 Eranakulam Jn 21:00 N N N Y N N N
04096 Ndls Kcvl Ac Sp Tirur 19:05 Ernakulam Town 22:20 N N N N N Y N
16348 Trivandrum Exp Tirur 19:48 Ernakulam Town 23:35 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
19260 Bvc Kcvl Exp Tirur 21:20 Ernakulam Town 01:10 Y N N N N N N
16333 Vrl Tvc Express Tirur 21:20 Ernakulam Town 01:10 N N N N Y N N
16311 Bkn Kcvl Expres Tirur 21:20 Ernakulam Town 01:10 N N N Y N N N
16337 Okha Ers Expres Tirur 21:20 Eranakulam Jn 01:15 N Y N N N N Y
16335 Nagercoil Exp Tirur 21:20 Ernakulam Town 01:10 N N N N N Y N
16603 Maveli Express Tirur 22:50 Eranakulam Jn 02:25 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
09260 Bvc Kcvl Exp Tirur 23:25 Ernakulam Town 02:25 Y N N N N N N
16630 Malabar Express Tirur 23:58 Ernakulam Town 03:40 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y

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About Cochin City

Kochi also known as Cochin is the commercial and industrial capital of Kerala state. Situated along the Arabian Sea, Kochi is one of the oldest ports in India. Gifted with a natural harbour, Kochi offers a perfect fusion of old tradition and modernity. Kochi abounds with tranquil backwaters, coconut lagoons, old churches, synagogues and temples. The coastal city consists of the mainland Ernakulam, Fort Kochi, Mattanchery, Willingdon Island, Vypeen Island, Bolghatty Island and Vallarpadam Island. Main attractions of Kochi are Bolghatty Palace, Mattancherry Palace, Jewish Synagogue, Fort Kochi Beach, St Francis Church, Chinese Fishing Nets, Pallipuram Fort, Cherai Beach and Mangalavana Bird Sanctuary. 

More About - Tirur To Cochin Trains

Planning to travel from tirur to cochin via rail. Find the list of trains according to your suitability. Trains that run on this route are Jan Shatabdi, Ernakulam Exp, Netravati Exp, Bkn Kcvl Expres, Bvc Kcvl Exp, Nagercoil Exp, Mngla Lksdp Exp, Ernad Express, Malabar Express, Maveli Express and etc. The train starts from various stations in tirur like Tirur. Choose trains between tirur to cochin with time approximately from 4 hrs 2 mins to 2 hours 55 mins. Out of these 9 trains run daily and are Ernakulam Exp, Jan Shatabdi, Trivandrum Exp, Malabar Express, Ernad Express, Mngla Lksdp Exp, Parasuram Exp, Netravati Exp, Maveli Express and 17 are on weekly basis. There are different pick up points in tirur from Tirur( like Ernakulam Exp, Poorna Express, Malabar Express, Maru Sagar Exp, Ndls Kcvl Ac Sp, Kochuveli Exp, Kcvl Garib Rath, Parasuram Exp, Bkn Kcvl Expres, Jan Shatabdi ).