Sasaram To Kanpur Trains

Following is the list of all the trains running between Sasaram to Kanpur Railway Stations:
Train Train Name Origin Departure Destination Arrival M T W T F S S
12877 Rnc Garib Rath Sasaram 00:11 Kanpur Central 05:45 N Y N N N Y N
12942 Parasnath Exp Sasaram 01:15 Kanpur Central 08:00 N N N N Y N N
12815 Nandan Kanan Ex Sasaram 03:28 Kanpur Central 10:10 N Y N Y Y N Y
12311 Hwh Dli Klk Mai Sasaram 04:18 Kanpur Central 12:30 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
12875 Neelachal Exp Sasaram 04:43 Kanpur Central 15:20 Y N Y N N Y N
18631 Rnc Garibnwaz E Sasaram 06:09 Kanpur Central 15:20 N N N N Y N N
12307 Hwh Ju Express Sasaram 07:43 Kanpur Central 14:45 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
12987 Sdah Ajmer Exp Sasaram 07:56 Kanpur Central 15:05 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
12801 Purushottam Exp Sasaram 15:28 Kanpur Central 22:15 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
12397 Mahabodhi Exp Sasaram 15:59 Kanpur Central 22:35 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
22409 Anvt Garib Rath Sasaram 21:15 Kanpur Central 03:50 N N N N N N Y
03123 Koaa Dli Specia Sasaram 21:31 Kanpur Central 03:50 Y N N N N N N
08033 Src Anvt Spl Sasaram 21:37 Kanpur Central 03:50 Y N N N N N N
03685 Gaya Dli Sf Spl Sasaram 21:40 Kanpur Central 05:30 N N N Y N N N
12817 Jharkhand Sj Ex Sasaram 23:17 Kanpur Central 07:20 N N Y N Y N Y
03125 Koaa Anvtspecia Sasaram 23:19 Kanpur Central 07:15 N N N N N Y N

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