Available Trains

15228   Mfp Ypr Exp

Samastipur Jn (08:20)Howrah Jn (22:55)
13022   Mithila Express

Samastipur Jn (15:07)Howrah Jn (04:00)
03132   Rxl Koaa Specia

Samastipur Jn (15:45)KOLKATA (03:45)
13156   Mithilanchal Ex

Samastipur Jn (15:45)KOLKATA (03:45)
13158   Tirhut Express

Samastipur Jn (15:45)KOLKATA (03:45)
15234   Dbg Koaa Expres

Samastipur Jn (16:45)KOLKATA (03:10)
15236   Dbg Hwh Express

Samastipur Jn (16:45)Howrah Jn (03:00)
15048   Purvanchal Exp

Samastipur Jn (18:15)KOLKATA (04:25)
15052   Gkp Kolkata Exp

Samastipur Jn (18:23)KOLKATA (04:25)
13186   Ganga Sagar Exp

Samastipur Jn (19:45)Sealdah (06:55)
13020   Bagh Express

Samastipur Jn (21:50)Howrah Jn (12:40)
03136   Gkp Koaa Specia

Samastipur Jn (22:15)KOLKATA (12:25)

About Kolkata City

The capital of West Bengal, Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) is the second largest city in India. Also known as the cultural capital of India, Kolkata, the City of Joy, exudes an energetic charm that impresses and intimidates, making you open yourself to its secrets and blossom in its glorious history. The former headquarters of the East India Company and the capital of British India, Kolkata encompasses a rich and varied heritage, a unique amalgamation of the ancient, colonial, and the modern.

More About - Samastipur To Kolkata Trains

Planning to travel from samastipur to kolkata via rail. Find the list of trains according to your suitability. Some of the trains that run on this route are Bagh Express, Tirhut Express, Mithila Express, Dbg Hwh Express, Mfp Ypr Exp, Gkp Koaa Specia, Mithilanchal Ex, Rxl Koaa Specia, Ganga Sagar Exp, Dbg Koaa Expres and etc. There are different starting junctions like Samastipur Jn. You can book your tickets on trains that run daily like Mithila Express, Bagh Express, Ganga Sagar Exp or trains that run weekly like Mfp Ypr Exp, Purvanchal Exp, Tirhut Express, Gkp Kolkata Exp, Dbg Koaa Expres, Mithilanchal Ex, Dbg Hwh Express, Rxl Koaa Specia, Gkp Koaa Specia and etc. Choose your pickup points from Samastipur Jn( like Dbg Hwh Express, Mithilanchal Ex, Mfp Ypr Exp, Bagh Express, Ganga Sagar Exp, Tirhut Express, Purvanchal Exp, Gkp Kolkata Exp, Dbg Koaa Expres, Gkp Koaa Specia ).