Available Trains

08003   Shm Ypr Exam Sp

Samalkot Jn (01:22)Renigunta Jn (10:38)
17481   Bsp Tpty Expres

Samalkot Jn (02:06)Tirupati (16:35)
17479   Puri Tpty Exp

Samalkot Jn (02:06)Tirupati (16:35)
08635   Hte Ypr Special

Samalkot Jn (04:32)Renigunta Jn (14:10)
02851   Src Kcvl Spl

Samalkot Jn (06:59)Renigunta Jn (17:30)
22851   Maq Vivek Exp

Samalkot Jn (06:59)Tirupati (17:10)
57458   Tirupati Psgr

Samalkot Jn (07:32)Tirupati (02:50)
08577   Vskp Qln Specia

Samalkot Jn (11:02)Renigunta Jn (22:00)
08569   Vskp Qln Specia

Samalkot Jn (11:02)Renigunta Jn (22:00)
08637   Hte Ypr Spl

Samalkot Jn (12:01)Tirupati (22:00)
12835   Hte Ypr Express

Samalkot Jn (12:01)Tirupati (22:00)
12863   Hwh Ypr Express

Samalkot Jn (13:01)Tirupati (23:40)
17488   Tirumala Expres

Samalkot Jn (16:22)Tirupati (05:00)
12660   Gurudev Express

Samalkot Jn (16:48)Tirupati (03:45)
12845   Bbs Ypr Sup Exp

Samalkot Jn (16:48)Tirupati (03:45)
17210   Sheshadri Exp

Samalkot Jn (17:55)Tirupati (05:25)
08471   Bbs Tpty Spl

Samalkot Jn (21:02)Tirupati (09:45)
08561   Vskp Ru Spl

Samalkot Jn (21:02)Renigunta Jn (07:30)
22879   Bbs Tpty Sup Ex

Samalkot Jn (21:39)Tirupati (09:25)
07211   Cct Qln Spl

Samalkot Jn (22:55)Tirupati (08:05)

More About - Samalkot To Tirupati Trains

Planning to travel from samalkot to tirupati via rail. Find the list of trains according to your suitability. Some of the trains that run on this route are Hte Ypr Express, Sheshadri Exp, Puri Tpty Exp, Cct Qln Spl, Hte Ypr Special, Hte Ypr Spl, Bbs Tpty Sup Ex, Bbs Tpty Spl, Vskp Qln Specia, Bbs Ypr Sup Exp and etc. There are various points from where you can catch up these trains like Samalkot Jn. You can also choose your train according to total time taken by different trains which varies from 19 hrs 18 mins to 9 hours 10 mins. You can choose any of the trains that run on daily basis like Tirumala Expres, Tirupati Psgr, Hwh Ypr Express, Cct Qln Spl, Sheshadri Exp or some weekly trains like Shm Ypr Exam Sp, Bbs Tpty Spl, Puri Tpty Exp, Vskp Qln Specia, Hte Ypr Special, Bbs Ypr Sup Exp, Maq Vivek Exp, Bbs Tpty Sup Ex, Vskp Ru Spl, Src Kcvl Spl and etc. Choose your pickup points from Samalkot Jn( like Bbs Tpty Sup Ex, Hwh Ypr Express, Hte Ypr Spl, Vskp Ru Spl, Vskp Qln Specia, Bsp Tpty Expres, Tirumala Expres, Tirupati Psgr, Src Kcvl Spl, Sheshadri Exp ).