Available Trains

12643   Nizamuddin Exp

Salem Jn (02:20)Renigunta Jn (07:50)
12645   Nizamuddin Exp

Salem Jn (02:20)Renigunta Jn (07:50)
16787   Ten Jammu Exp

Salem Jn (04:00)Renigunta Jn (09:50)
16687   Navyug Exp

Salem Jn (04:00)Renigunta Jn (09:50)
06687   Ten Jammu Exp

Salem Jn (04:05)Renigunta Jn (09:30)
06317   Ten Jammu Exp

Salem Jn (04:05)Renigunta Jn (09:30)
12659   Gurudev Express

Salem Jn (04:10)Renigunta Jn (09:50)
16317   Himsagar Exp

Salem Jn (04:25)Renigunta Jn (09:50)
08578   Qln Vskp Expres

Salem Jn (05:35)Renigunta Jn (10:20)
16359   Ers Patna Exp

Salem Jn (06:10)Renigunta Jn (12:50)
16733   Rmm Okha Expres

Salem Jn (06:10)Tirupati (11:10)
07605   Maq Kcg Express

Salem Jn (07:10)Renigunta Jn (13:10)
08570   Qln Vskp Exp

Salem Jn (08:00)Renigunta Jn (12:20)
07165   Hyderabad Exp

Salem Jn (08:15)Renigunta Jn (13:35)
22616   Tirupathi Exp

Salem Jn (08:25)Tirupati (13:40)
12758   Tirupathi Exp

Salem Jn (08:25)Tirupati (13:45)
06065   Cbe Tpty Sf Exp

Salem Jn (08:30)Tirupati (13:30)
22852   Src Vivek Exp

Salem Jn (09:20)Renigunta Jn (15:00)
07110   Hyderabad Exp

Salem Jn (10:45)Renigunta Jn (16:10)
07106   Hyderabad Exp

Salem Jn (10:45)Renigunta Jn (16:10)
07614   Nizamabad Exp

Salem Jn (10:45)Renigunta Jn (16:10)
07116   Hyderabad Exp

Salem Jn (11:55)Renigunta Jn (16:35)
07212   Kakinadatown Ex

Salem Jn (13:05)Renigunta Jn (18:30)
07218   Narsapur Exp

Salem Jn (13:45)Renigunta Jn (19:00)
22620   Ten Bilaspur Ex

Salem Jn (16:20)Renigunta Jn (21:35)
12788   Ten Bilaspur Ex

Salem Jn (16:20)Renigunta Jn (21:35)
02852   Santragachi Exp

Salem Jn (16:20)Renigunta Jn (21:35)
22816   Ers Bilaspur Ex

Salem Jn (16:20)Renigunta Jn (21:35)
07216   Qln Mtm Express

Salem Jn (16:35)Renigunta Jn (21:40)
07506   Tirupathi Exp

Salem Jn (17:10)Tirupati (22:15)
07214   Qln Bza Express

Salem Jn (17:10)Renigunta Jn (22:25)
17229   Sabari Express

Salem Jn (19:30)Renigunta Jn (00:50)
16382   Cape Mumbai Exp

Salem Jn (21:00)Renigunta Jn (04:00)
12625   Kerala Express

Salem Jn (23:00)Renigunta Jn (04:10)

More About - Salem To Tirupati Trains

If you are travelling from salem to tirupati then there are number of trains you can choose. Some of the trains that run on this route are Qln Bza Express, Ers Bilaspur Ex, Ers Patna Exp, Ten Jammu Exp, Hyderabad Exp, Tirupathi Exp, Nizamuddin Exp and etc. Know the train routes from different locations in salem like Salem Jn. Different trains running from salem to tirupati takes time approximately from 7 hrs 0 mins to 4 hours 20 mins. You can choose any of the trains that run on daily basis like Kakinadatown Ex, Sabari Express, Cape Mumbai Exp, Kerala Express or some weekly trains like Qln Vskp Exp, Himsagar Exp, Nizamabad Exp, Santragachi Exp, Navyug Exp, Ten Jammu Exp, Src Vivek Exp, Gurudev Express, Cbe Tpty Sf Exp, Qln Mtm Express and etc. Choose your pickup points from Salem Jn( like Qln Vskp Exp, Rmm Okha Expres, Himsagar Exp, Tirupathi Exp, Nizamuddin Exp, Src Vivek Exp, Cape Mumbai Exp, Hyderabad Exp, Ten Jammu Exp, Navyug Exp ).