Available Trains

16732   Tuticorin Exp

Salem Jn (02:10)Karur (04:47)
11021   Tirunelveli Exp

Salem Jn (03:00)Karur (05:27)
06749   Tirunelveli Exp

Salem Jn (03:15)Karur (06:18)
06745   Tirunelveli Exp

Salem Jn (03:15)Karur (06:18)
17315   Velankanni Exp

Salem Jn (04:05)Karur (06:20)
06023   Tirunelveli Exp

Salem Jn (04:10)Karur (06:30)
06053   Nagercoil Exp

Salem Jn (04:10)Karur (06:18)
06233   Rameswaram Exp

Salem Jn (04:25)Karur (07:10)
16537   Nagercoil Exp

Salem Jn (04:30)Karur (06:50)
16318   Himsagar Exp

Salem Jn (06:40)Karur (09:52)
12688   Ddn Mas Exp

Salem Jn (07:30)Karur (09:47)
22688   Ddn Cdg Mas Exp

Salem Jn (07:30)Karur (09:47)
07315   Velankanni Exp

Salem Jn (10:30)Karur (12:10)
16734   Rameswaram Exp

Salem Jn (11:30)Karur (13:42)
16688   Navyug Express

Salem Jn (11:45)Karur (14:47)
16339   Nagarcoil Exp

Salem Jn (15:45)Karur (18:22)
19568   Vivek Express

Salem Jn (22:35)Karur (01:07)
06043   Ncj Garibrath

Salem Jn (23:00)Karur (01:40)
12689   Nagercoil Exp

Salem Jn (23:15)Karur (01:30)
16232   Mailaduturai Ex

Salem Jn (23:45)Karur (02:07)

More About - Salem To Karur Trains

Want to travel from salem to karur on rails? Know about trains in the route. Some of the trains running on this route are Himsagar Exp, Nagercoil Exp, Navyug Express, Ncj Garibrath, Mailaduturai Ex, Nagercoil Exp, Tuticorin Exp, Ddn Cdg Mas Exp, Vivek Express. There are different starting junctions like Salem Jn. There are different trains that travel from salem to karur and time taken by these trains varies from 3 hrs 12 mins to 1 hours 40 mins. You can book your tickets on trains that run daily like Tuticorin Exp, Mailaduturai Ex or trains that run weekly like Navyug Express, Nagercoil Exp, Tirunelveli Exp, Nagercoil Exp, Velankanni Exp, Ncj Garibrath, Nagarcoil Exp, Vivek Express, Ddn Mas Exp, Himsagar Exp and etc. There are different trains passing from various stations from salem like from Salem Jn( like Nagercoil Exp, Velankanni Exp, Rameswaram Exp, Mailaduturai Ex, Tirunelveli Exp, Nagercoil Exp, Ddn Mas Exp, Nagarcoil Exp, Vivek Express, Navyug Express ).