Available Trains

12139   Sewagram Exp

Pulgaon Jn (03:39)Nagpur (06:10)
12119   Ami Nagpur Exp

Pulgaon Jn (06:39)Nagpur (08:35)
12105   Vidarbha Expres

Pulgaon Jn (06:55)Nagpur (08:55)
12135   Pune Nagpur Exp

Pulgaon Jn (07:29)Nagpur (09:25)
12809   Howrah Mail

Pulgaon Jn (08:49)Nagpur (11:05)
01097   Cstm Ngp Sup Sp

Pulgaon Jn (08:49)Nagpur (11:05)
01089   Nagpur Special

Pulgaon Jn (08:49)Nagpur (11:05)
12405   Gondwana Expres

Pulgaon Jn (09:45)Nagpur (12:45)
11404   Kop Nagpur Exp

Pulgaon Jn (10:09)Nagpur (12:35)
01403   Kop Nagpur Spl

Pulgaon Jn (10:15)Nagpur (12:35)
18029   Ltt Shalimar Ex

Pulgaon Jn (10:50)Itwari (13:40)
01013   Cstm Ngp Spl

Pulgaon Jn (12:19)Nagpur (15:00)
21028   Mumbai Mail

Pulgaon Jn (14:14)Itwari (17:49)
11039   Maharashtra Exp

Pulgaon Jn (14:14)Itwari (17:49)
12833   Howrah Express

Pulgaon Jn (15:54)Nagpur (17:50)
12159   Ami Jbp Sup Exp

Pulgaon Jn (19:10)Nagpur (21:30)
01030   Pune Nagpur Spl

Pulgaon Jn (19:29)Nagpur (22:00)

More About - Pulgaon To Nagpur Trains

Planning to travel from pulgaon to nagpur via rail. Find the list of trains according to your suitability. Some of the trains running on this route are Howrah Mail, Pune Nagpur Spl, Ltt Shalimar Ex, Cstm Ngp Spl, Sewagram Exp, Maharashtra Exp, Cstm Ngp Sup Sp, Kop Nagpur Exp, Vidarbha Expres, Ami Jbp Sup Exp. There are different starting junctions like Pulgaon Jn. There are different trains that travel from pulgaon to nagpur and time taken by these trains varies from 3 hrs 35 mins to 1 hours 56 mins. You can choose any of the trains that run on daily basis like Howrah Express, Mumbai Mail, Maharashtra Exp, Ltt Shalimar Ex, Vidarbha Expres, Sewagram Exp, Howrah Mail or some weekly trains like Kop Nagpur Spl, Ami Nagpur Exp, Pune Nagpur Spl, Kop Nagpur Exp, Pune Nagpur Exp, Ami Jbp Sup Exp, Nagpur Special, Cstm Ngp Sup Sp, Gondwana Expres, Cstm Ngp Spl and etc. There are different pick up points in pulgaon from Pulgaon Jn( like Ami Jbp Sup Exp, Howrah Express, Gondwana Expres, Mumbai Mail, Vidarbha Expres, Kop Nagpur Spl, Kop Nagpur Exp, Sewagram Exp, Ami Nagpur Exp, Cstm Ngp Sup Sp ).