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Payyanur to Mangalore Trains

Following is the list of all the trains running between Payyanur to Mangalore Railway Stations:

Train Train Name Origin Departure Destination Arrival M T W T F S S  
01066 Eranakulam Lokmanyatilak Special Payyanur 05:45 Surathkal 08:52 N N N N Y N N
01068 Kochuveli Lokmanyatilak Special Payyanur 16:40 Surathkal 19:36 Y N N N N N N
06301 Nagarcoil Mangalore Express Payyanur 07:35 MAJN 10:15 N Y N N N N N
06667 Mangalore Garibrath S Payyanur 10:50 Mangalore 13:45 N N N Y N N N
06918 Ngt Goa Expres Payyanur 13:00 Surathkal 15:48 N N Y N N N N
11098 Poorna Express Payyanur 05:45 MAJN 08:00 N Y N N N N N
12601 Mangalore Mail Payyanur 10:15 Mangalore 12:25 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
12617 Mangala Ldweep Payyanur 20:00 MAJN 22:05 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
12685 Mangalore Express Payyanur 06:50 Mangalore 09:05 Y Y N Y Y Y Y
16043 Mangalore Express Payyanur 06:50 Mangalore 09:05 N N Y N N N N
16107 Chennai Mangalore Express Payyanur 19:32 Mangalore 22:05 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
16334 Veraval Express Payyanur 02:50 MAJN 04:55 N Y N N N N N
16336 Gandhidham Express Payyanur 02:50 Surathkal 05:40 N N Y N N N N
16338 Okha Express Payyanur 02:50 Surathkal 05:40 N N N Y N Y N
16346 Netravathi Express Payyanur 21:55 Surathkal 00:55 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
16347 Mangalore Express Payyanur 08:50 Mangalore 11:15 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
16518 Yesvantpur Express Payyanur 17:12 MAJN 19:56 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
16604 Maveli Express Payyanur 06:30 Mangalore 08:50 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
16606 Ernad Express Payyanur 15:15 Mangalore 17:35 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
16627 West Coast Express Payyanur 02:25 Mangalore 04:50 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
16629 Malabar Express Payyanur 07:22 Mangalore 10:00 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
16650 Parasuram Express Payyanur 18:15 Mangalore 20:25 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
26629 Malabar Express Payyanur 07:22 Mangalore 10:00 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y

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Mangalore Junction

Station Code - MAJN
Arriaval & Departure Enquiry - 131
Reservation Enquiry - 1361 (English), 1362 (Hindi), 1363 (Kannada), 0824 - 424002

Station Details - Mangalore Junction railway station earlier known as Kankanadi railway station is situated 5 km east of the city centre. One of the major railheads of Southern Railways, Mangalore railway station is connected by express and superfast trains to important places of the country. Just outside the railway station taxis and auto-rickshaws are available for local transportation. Adjacent to the railway station there are several hotels which offer accommodation facilities at reasonable rate.


Mangalore Railway Station � Other Info

Distance From: Airport (15.6 km), Mangalore Old Port (2.6 km), New Mangalore Port (10.3 km), Central market (0.9 km), Sultan Battery (4.8 km), Kadri (4.9 km), Bejai Museum (3.4 km), Kudroli Temple (2.7 km), Jama Masjid (1.6 km).

Amenities: Computer Reservation Office, Retring Room, Waiting Room, Refreshment (Veg), Tea Stall/Light Refreshment.

About Mangalore City

A truly culturally rich city, Mangalore is a historical city that has been ruled by several major dynasties, as well as the British. It is also the chief port city of Karnataka, and also deals with a large portion of India�s maritime cargo on the Arabian Sea. The city, with its thriving commerce, famous cuisines and numerous tourist interests, is an easily accessible city with numerous daily flights and trains to the rest of the country, along with bus services that connect it to the rest of Karnataka, as well as neighbouring states. Most of these bus tickets can be easily booked through online reservations systems, making bus bookings a breeze. Online reservations systems have also made the Indian Railways a more popular to travel to Mangalore. Air travel to Mangalore is also an affordable option, with numerous airlines providing budget tickets. Cheap packages for hotels in the city are also available, for both budget and luxury hotels.

Once a small laid back town, Mangalore is today an important centre for educational institutes and multi national companies. Having completed your city sightseeing tours and activities, explore some of the neighbouring towns that are equally enchanting. Visit the forts in and around Kasargode (70 km) or visit temples and scenic vistas of Kundapur (100 km) and Udupi (60 km). Offering a mix of history and culture with pristine environs, these towns are accessible from Mangalore by regular bus services. Online bus bookings done in advance would facilitate your travel plans. Bus tickets are available for state transport buses as well as deluxe buses run by private operators.