Station Details

Name: Palakollu
Code: PKO
City: Palakollu

Available Trains

57265   Vskp Ns Pass

Arr. 04:31
Dep. 04:32
17401   Tpty Mtm Ns Exp

Arr. 05:37
Dep. 05:38
17256   Narasapur Exp

Arr. 07:49
Dep. 07:50
17214   Nsl Ns Exp

Arr. 08:49
Dep. 08:50
17213   Ns Nsl Exp

Arr. 10:41
Dep. 10:42
17404   Ns Tpty Exp

Arr. 17:31
Dep. 17:32
17255   Ns Hydrabad Exp

Arr. 19:05
Dep. 19:06
57264   Ns Vskp Passr

Arr. 23:16
Dep. 23:17

More About - Palakollu Railway Station

There are number of trains from Palakollu like Narasapur Exp, Ns Hydrabad Exp, Ns Tpty Exp, Ns Nsl Exp, Ns Vskp Passr, Nsl Ns Exp, Vskp Ns Pass, Tpty Mtm Ns Exp. Out of these 6 trains run daily and are Narasapur Exp, Tpty Mtm Ns Exp, Ns Hydrabad Exp, Ns Tpty Exp, Vskp Ns Pass, Ns Vskp Passr etc and 2 run on weekly basis like Nsl Ns Exp, Ns Nsl Exp etc.