Available Trains

07129   Kcg Aii Spl

Nizamabad (01:01)Nanded (02:50)
09735   Sc Jp Special

Nizamabad (01:15)Nanded (03:35)
16733   Rmm Okha Expres

Nizamabad (03:10)Nanded (05:10)
57563   Hyb Pbn Pas

Nizamabad (03:35)Nanded (06:35)
09308   Ypr Indb Spl

Nizamabad (05:37)Nanded (07:40)
12765   Tpty Ami Sup Ex

Nizamabad (06:47)Nanded (08:35)
17639   Kcg Ak Exp

Nizamabad (10:45)Nanded (13:25)
18309   Nagavali Expres

Nizamabad (11:57)Nanded (14:35)
08509   Vskp Ned Specia

Nizamabad (11:57)Nanded (14:35)
18509   Vskp Ned Expres

Nizamabad (11:57)Nanded (14:35)
07406   Tpty Awb Spl

Nizamabad (13:10)Nanded (16:00)
17058   Devagiri Exp

Nizamabad (15:52)Nanded (18:30)
17064   Ajanta Express

Nizamabad (21:05)Nanded (23:35)
08567   Vskp Snsi Spl

Nizamabad (21:32)Nanded (00:10)
08465   Bbs Snsi Specia

Nizamabad (21:32)Nanded (00:10)
17213   Ns Nsl Exp

Nizamabad (23:15)Nanded (01:25)
07125   Hyb Aii Spl

Nizamabad (23:16)Nanded (01:10)
12720   Hyb Aii Sup Exp

Nizamabad (23:25)Nanded (01:18)
07119   Ns Nsl Spl

Nizamabad (23:32)Nanded (01:55)

More About - Nizamabad To Nanded Trains

If you are travelling from nizamabad to nanded then there are number of trains you can choose. Some of the trains running on this route are Vskp Ned Expres, Hyb Aii Sup Exp, Vskp Snsi Spl, Ajanta Express, Kcg Aii Spl, Tpty Awb Spl, Tpty Ami Sup Ex, Vskp Ned Specia, Sc Jp Special, Kcg Ak Exp. You can board your train from different locations in nizamabad like Nizamabad. There are different trains that travel from nizamabad to nanded and time taken by these trains varies from 3 hrs 0 mins to 1 hours 48 mins. Out of these 4 trains run daily and are Hyb Pbn Pas, Ajanta Express, Devagiri Exp, Kcg Ak Exp and 15 are on weekly basis. Choose your pickup points from Nizamabad( like Ns Nsl Spl, Vskp Ned Expres, Devagiri Exp, Hyb Pbn Pas, Bbs Snsi Specia, Kcg Ak Exp, Ajanta Express, Vskp Ned Specia, Nagavali Expres, Ypr Indb Spl ).