Available Trains

17063   Ajanta Express

Nanded (03:10)Nizamabad (05:25)
08568   Snsi Vskp Spl

Nanded (03:40)Nizamabad (05:58)
08466   Mmr Bbs Spl

Nanded (03:40)Nizamabad (05:58)
02802   Snsi Vskp Spl

Nanded (03:45)Nizamabad (06:20)
07126   Aii Hyb Spl

Nanded (07:00)Nizamabad (09:35)
17057   Devagiri Exp

Nanded (08:30)Nizamabad (11:00)
16734   Rameswaram Exp

Nanded (12:05)Nizamabad (14:30)
12766   Ami Tpty Sup Ex

Nanded (12:30)Nizamabad (14:30)
17640   Ak Kcg Exp

Nanded (14:15)Nizamabad (16:40)
07505   Awb Qln Spl

Nanded (14:45)Nizamabad (16:55)
07507   Ak Qln Spl

Nanded (15:40)Nizamabad (18:00)
18510   Ned Vskp Exp

Nanded (16:15)Nizamabad (18:10)
18310   Nagawali Exp

Nanded (16:15)Nizamabad (18:10)
08510   Ned Vskp Spl

Nanded (16:15)Nizamabad (18:10)
09307   Yashwantpur Spl

Nanded (16:30)Nizamabad (18:45)
17214   Nsl Ns Exp

Nanded (17:10)Nizamabad (20:08)
07120   Nsl Ns Spl

Nanded (17:30)Nizamabad (20:08)
12719   Aii Hyb Sf Exp

Nanded (19:30)Nizamabad (21:38)
57564   Ned Hyb Pas

Nanded (23:30)Nizamabad (01:55)
07503   Nsl Tpty Spl

Nanded (23:30)Nizamabad (01:40)
07405   Awb Tpty Spl

Nanded (23:40)Nizamabad (02:08)

More About - Nanded To Nizamabad Trains

Want to travel from nanded to nizamabad on rails? Know about trains in the route. Trains that run on this route are Ak Kcg Exp, Snsi Vskp Spl, Nsl Tpty Spl, Awb Tpty Spl, Devagiri Exp, Awb Qln Spl, Rameswaram Exp, Ned Vskp Exp, Aii Hyb Spl, Nsl Ns Exp and etc. There are various points from where you can catch up these trains like Nanded. There are different trains that travel from nanded to nizamabad and time taken by these trains varies from 2 hrs 58 mins to 1 hours 55 mins. Choose your train according to your suitability like trains that run on daily basis like Devagiri Exp, Ajanta Express, Ned Hyb Pas, Ak Kcg Exp or train that run sporadically like Ak Qln Spl, Awb Qln Spl, Nsl Ns Exp, Nsl Ns Spl, Ned Vskp Spl, Nsl Tpty Spl, Ami Tpty Sup Ex, Mmr Bbs Spl, Ned Vskp Exp, Yashwantpur Spl etc. There are different trains passing from various stations from nanded like from Nanded( like Devagiri Exp, Nagawali Exp, Nsl Tpty Spl, Ami Tpty Sup Ex, Mmr Bbs Spl, Ned Vskp Spl, Ned Vskp Exp, Snsi Vskp Spl, Ajanta Express, Ak Kcg Exp ).