Available Trains

12652   T N Smprk Krnti

Nagpur (00:15)Tambaram (18:55)
12642   Thirukkural Exp

Nagpur (00:15)Tambaram (18:55)
12389   Gaya Ms Express

Nagpur (01:50)Chennai Egmore (20:45)
12511   Rapti Sagar Exp

Nagpur (04:20)Chennai Central (23:20)
12521   Rapti Sagar Exp

Nagpur (04:20)Chennai Central (23:20)
16325   Ahilyanagari Ex

Nagpur (04:20)Chennai Central (23:20)
16327   Krba Tvc Expres

Nagpur (04:45)Chennai Central (23:20)
12612   Mas Garib Rath

Nagpur (05:35)Chennai Central (20:15)
12434   Chennai Rajdhni

Nagpur (05:35)Chennai Central (20:15)
12688   Ddn Mas Exp

Nagpur (08:40)Chennai Central (02:15)
22688   Ddn Cdg Mas Exp

Nagpur (08:40)Chennai Central (02:15)
16094   Ljn Mas Exp

Nagpur (10:45)Chennai Central (10:10)
16032   Andaman Express

Nagpur (10:45)Chennai Central (10:10)
12616   G T Express

Nagpur (12:30)Chennai Central (06:15)
12970   Jp Cbe Sup Exp

Nagpur (14:10)Chennai Central (09:45)
12968   Jp Madras Expre

Nagpur (14:10)Chennai Central (09:45)
12622   Tamil Nadu Exp

Nagpur (14:30)Chennai Central (07:15)
14260   Bsb Rmm Express

Nagpur (15:20)Chennai Egmore (10:35)
03296   Pnbe Sbc Specia

Nagpur (18:10)Chennai Central (13:35)
12296   Sangha Mitra Ex

Nagpur (18:10)Chennai Central (13:30)
22404   Ndls Pdy Exp

Nagpur (18:45)Chennai Egmore (14:25)
12577   Bagmati Express

Nagpur (18:45)Chennai Central (14:15)
03289   Mys Exam Spl

Nagpur (18:45)Chennai Central (14:15)
05289   Dbg Sbc Spl

Nagpur (18:45)Chennai Central (14:15)
12670   Gangakaveri Exp

Nagpur (19:45)Chennai Central (14:25)

Chennai Central

Station Code - MASĀ  Arrival & Departure Enquiry - 131, 133 (BG), 134 (MG), 044 - 25357780 Reservation Enquiry - 132, 1361 Station Details -Chennai Central railway station is one of the major rail heads of the Southern Railways, located 4 km from the city centre. The railway station is connected by a number of superfast, express and mail trains with all the important places of the country. Chennai Central offers daily services to Mysore, Kanyakumari, Trivandrum and many other nearby destinations. Tamil Nadu State Road Transport Corporation (TNSRTC) bus stand is located close to the railway station, from where city buses and long distance buses ply for various places. Excellent accommodation options are provided by the hotels in the station vicinity.


Chennai Central Railway Station

Amenities: Medical Shops, Tourist Information Centres, Post & Telegraph Office, Computer Reservation Office, Retring Room, Waiting Room, Refreshment (Veg/ Non-Veg), Tea Stall/Light Refreshment, Book Stall.
Distances From: Airport (20 km), Marina Beach (3.4 km), Egmore (3.2 km), Fort St George (3.1 km), Kapaleswara Temple (6.4 km), Adyar River Estuary (10 km), Theosophical Society (11 km), Elliot's Beach (12 km), Crocodile Bank (40 km).

About Chennai City

Chennai, formerly known as Madras is the capital city of Tamil Nadu state. One of the four metros of India, Chennai is set on the Coromandel Coast of Bay of Bengal. Founded in the 17th century by British, Chennai represent a fine combination of ancient, imperial and modern. Even today several ancient buildings and cathedrals built by the British in the Indo-Saracenic architectural style can be seen across the city. Chennai is famous world over for Marina Beach (12 km), world's second longest beach. Fort St George is another attraction of Chennai, which houses a museum, Clive House and the St Mary's Church, the oldest Anglican Church in Asia. Other attractions in and around Chennai include Kapaleswara Temple, St Thomas Mount, Adyar River Estuary, the Theosophical Society, Elliot's Beach and the Crocodile Bank. Chennai is an industrial hub and houses automobile, information technology, hardware manufacturing and healthcare industries. The city is also an important centre for the Bharatnatyam, a classical dance form.

More About - Nagpur To Chennai Trains

Are you looking for a train from nagpur to chennai? If yes, know about some of the major trains that run between these stations. Some of the trains that run on this route are Gangakaveri Exp, Sangha Mitra Ex, Chennai Rajdhni, Ljn Mas Exp, Pnbe Sbc Specia, Jp Cbe Sup Exp, Krba Tvc Expres, Ahilyanagari Ex, G T Express, Gaya Ms Express and etc. There are different starting junctions like Nagpur. Choose trains between nagpur to chennai with time approximately from 23 hrs 25 mins to 14 hours 40 mins. You can choose any of the trains that run on daily basis like Tamil Nadu Exp, Sangha Mitra Ex, G T Express or some weekly trains like Ljn Mas Exp, Jp Madras Expre, Chennai Rajdhni, Jp Cbe Sup Exp, Mys Exam Spl, Pnbe Sbc Specia, Ddn Cdg Mas Exp, Bagmati Express, Ddn Mas Exp, Thirukkural Exp and etc. Get your tickets booked on trains from Nagpur( like Bsb Rmm Express, Ddn Cdg Mas Exp, Andaman Express, Ddn Mas Exp, Jp Madras Expre, Tamil Nadu Exp, Jp Cbe Sup Exp, Sangha Mitra Ex, Chennai Rajdhni, Dbg Sbc Spl ).