Available Trains

12880   Bbs Ltt Sf Exp

Nagpur (00:20)Akola Jn (03:57)
12812   Hte Ltt Super

Nagpur (00:20)Akola Jn (03:57)
08060   Shm Ltt Sf Spl

Nagpur (00:25)Akola Jn (03:55)
12860   Gitanjali Exp

Nagpur (07:30)Akola Jn (11:10)
01223   Ngp Adi Spl

Nagpur (08:10)Akola Jn (12:05)
12870   Hwh Cstm Expres

Nagpur (08:30)Akola Jn (12:19)
02870   Hwh Ltt Spl

Nagpur (08:30)Akola Jn (12:25)
12574   Hwh Snsi Expres

Nagpur (08:30)Akola Jn (12:19)
12406   Gondwana Expres

Nagpur (09:15)Akola Jn (13:20)
11454   Prerana Express

Nagpur (09:35)Akola Jn (13:30)
11040   Maharashtra Exp

Itwari (10:08)Akola Jn (15:10)
01029   Ngp Pune Specia

Nagpur (11:00)Akola Jn (14:45)
22846   Hte Pune Exp

Nagpur (11:05)Akola Jn (14:40)
18030   Shm Ltt Express

Itwari (12:13)Akola Jn (18:05)
12810   Hwh Mumbai Mail

Nagpur (14:20)Akola Jn (18:50)
01098   Ngp Cstm Sup Sp

Nagpur (14:20)Akola Jn (18:47)
12843   Puri Adi Exp

Nagpur (14:45)Akola Jn (18:25)
18405   Puri Adi Exp

Nagpur (14:45)Akola Jn (18:25)
01404   Ngp Kop Spl

Nagpur (15:00)Akola Jn (19:45)
11403   Ngp Kop Express

Nagpur (15:00)Akola Jn (20:05)
12130   Azad Hind Exp

Nagpur (15:50)Akola Jn (19:22)
01014   Ngp Cstm Spl

Nagpur (16:15)Akola Jn (20:40)
01422   Nagpur Ltt Spl

Nagpur (16:15)Akola Jn (20:40)
12906   Hwh Pbr Okhaex

Nagpur (16:30)Akola Jn (20:05)
12102   Jnaneswarisupdl

Nagpur (16:30)Akola Jn (20:05)
12106   Vidarbha Expres

Nagpur (17:15)Akola Jn (21:00)
12152   Samarsata Exp

Nagpur (18:00)Akola Jn (21:40)
12950   Pbr Kaviguru Ex

Nagpur (18:00)Akola Jn (21:40)
12146   Bbs Ltt Sup Exp

Nagpur (18:00)Akola Jn (21:40)
12114   Pune Garibrath

Nagpur (18:35)Akola Jn (22:25)
12136   Nagpur Pune Exp

Nagpur (18:35)Akola Jn (22:25)
12849   Bsp Pune Sup Ex

Nagpur (18:35)Akola Jn (22:25)
12834   Hwh Adi Express

Nagpur (19:10)Akola Jn (23:15)
12140   Sewagram Exp

Nagpur (21:00)Akola Jn (01:20)

More About - Nagpur To Akola Trains

Want to travel from nagpur to akola on rails? Know about trains in the route. Some of the trains that run on this route are Pbr Kaviguru Ex, Hwh Pbr Okhaex, Shm Ltt Sf Spl, Hwh Snsi Expres, Jnaneswarisupdl, Bbs Ltt Sup Exp, Samarsata Exp, Ngp Kop Spl, Ngp Cstm Spl, Bbs Ltt Sf Exp and etc. There are different starting junctions like Nagpur. There are different trains that travel from nagpur to akola and time taken by these trains varies from 5 hrs 52 mins to 3 hours 30 mins. You can choose any of the trains that run on daily basis like Azad Hind Exp, Hwh Mumbai Mail, Maharashtra Exp, Vidarbha Expres, Hwh Adi Express, Shm Ltt Express, Sewagram Exp, Gitanjali Exp or some weekly trains like Samarsata Exp, Hwh Cstm Expres, Bbs Ltt Sf Exp, Ngp Kop Spl, Ngp Kop Express, Pune Garibrath, Puri Adi Exp, Hwh Snsi Expres, Bbs Ltt Sup Exp, Hte Ltt Super and etc. There are different trains passing from various stations from nagpur like from Nagpur( like Azad Hind Exp, Ngp Kop Spl, Sewagram Exp, Ngp Kop Express, Jnaneswarisupdl, Nagpur Ltt Spl, Ngp Cstm Spl, Hwh Ltt Spl, Hte Ltt Super, Pbr Kaviguru Ex ), Itwari( like Maharashtra Exp, Shm Ltt Express ).