Mumbai To Tatanagar Trains

Following is the list of all the trains running between Mumbai to Tatanagar Railway Stations:
Train Train Name Origin Departure Destination Arrival M T W T F S S
08059 Ltt Shm Sup Spl Lokmanyatilak T 00:45 Tatanagar Jn 03:50 N N N N Y N N
12859 Gitanjali Exp Mumbai Cst 06:00 Tatanagar Jn 08:20 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
12869 Howrah Sup Exp Mumbai Cst 11:05 Tatanagar Jn 14:50 N N N N N N Y
02869 Ltt Hwh Special Lokmanyatilak T 11:25 Tatanagar Jn 15:15 N N N N Y N N
12809 Howrah Mail Mumbai Cst 20:35 Tatanagar Jn 01:40 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
12101 Jnaneswari Delx Lokmanyatilak T 20:35 Tatanagar Jn 23:28 Y Y N N Y Y N
18029 Lokmanyatilak T Shalim... Lokmanyatilak T 21:55 Tatanagar Jn 06:50 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
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More About - Mumbai To Tatanagar Trains

If you are travelling from mumbai to tatanagar then there are number of trains you can choose. Some of the trains running on this route are Jnaneswari Delx, Gitanjali Exp, Howrah Mail, Ltt Shalimar Ex, Ltt Shm Sup Spl, Howrah Sup Exp, Ltt Hwh Special. The train starts from various stations in mumbai like Lokmanyatilak T, Mumbai Cst. Out of these 3 trains run daily and are Gitanjali Exp, Ltt Shalimar Ex, Howrah Mail and 4 are on weekly basis. Choose your pickup points from Lokmanyatilak T( like Ltt Shm Sup Spl, Ltt Shalimar Ex, Ltt Hwh Special, Jnaneswari Delx ), Mumbai Cst( like Howrah Sup Exp, Howrah Mail, Gitanjali Exp ).