Moradabad To Roorkee Trains

Following is the list of all the trains running between Moradabad to Roorkee Railway Stations:
Train Train Name Origin Departure Destination Arrival M T W T F S S
15651 Lohit Express Moradabad 01:10 Roorkee 03:25 N N Y N N N N
15653 Amarnath Expres Moradabad 01:10 Roorkee 03:25 N N N N Y N N
12587 Amar Nath Exp Moradabad 01:10 Roorkee 03:24 N Y N N N N N
15097 Amarnath Exp Moradabad 01:10 Roorkee 03:25 N N N N N Y N
14523 Hariharnath Exp Moradabad 03:00 Roorkee 05:26 N Y N N Y N N
12231 Lko Cdg Express Moradabad 04:05 Roorkee 06:31 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
15011 Ljn Cdg Express Moradabad 05:05 Roorkee 11:23 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
54251 Lko Sre Pas Moradabad 11:25 Roorkee 17:22 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
13151 Jammu Tawi Exp Moradabad 17:25 Roorkee 20:24 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
18103 Jalianwala B Ex Moradabad 20:35 Roorkee 22:54 N Y N Y N N N
13307 Gangasutlej Exp Moradabad 21:05 Roorkee 23:50 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
13005 Amritsar Mail Moradabad 21:25 Roorkee 00:25 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
13049 Amritsar Exp Moradabad 22:55 Roorkee 01:54 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y

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Planning to travel from moradabad to roorkee via rail. Find the list of trains according to your suitability. Trains that run on this route are Amarnath Expres, Amritsar Mail, Amarnath Exp, Amar Nath Exp, Ljn Cdg Express, Lko Sre Pas, Gangasutlej Exp, Lohit Express, Lko Cdg Express, Jalianwala B Ex and etc. The train starts from various stations in moradabad like Moradabad. Different trains running from moradabad to roorkee takes time approximately from 6 hrs 18 mins to 2 hours 14 mins. Out of these 7 trains run daily and are Amritsar Mail, Lko Sre Pas, Ljn Cdg Express, Lko Cdg Express, Gangasutlej Exp, Amritsar Exp, Jammu Tawi Exp and 6 are on weekly basis. There are different pick up points in moradabad from Moradabad( like Amarnath Exp, Amritsar Exp, Lohit Express, Amar Nath Exp, Jalianwala B Ex, Lko Sre Pas, Hariharnath Exp, Ljn Cdg Express, Jammu Tawi Exp, Lko Cdg Express ).