Available Trains 

14674   Shaheed Exp

Moradabad (00:45)Gorakhpur Jn (11:55)
15904   Cdg Dbrg Expres

Moradabad (05:40)Gorakhpur Jn (17:30)
05904   Cdg Dbrg Spl

Moradabad (05:40)Gorakhpur Jn (17:30)
12492   Maur Dhawaj Exp

Moradabad (07:05)Gorakhpur Jn (17:30)
15098   Amarnath Exp

Moradabad (10:05)Gorakhpur Jn (20:45)
15652   Lohit Express

Moradabad (10:05)Gorakhpur Jn (20:45)
12588   Jammu Gkp Exp

Moradabad (10:05)Gorakhpur Jn (20:45)
15654   Jammu Ghy Expre

Moradabad (10:05)Gorakhpur Jn (20:45)
15610   Avadh Assam Exp

Moradabad (11:20)Gorakhpur Jn (23:30)
04024   Dee Dbg Spl

Moradabad (14:00)Gorakhpur Jn (01:05)
12204   Shc Garib Rath

Moradabad (14:02)Gorakhpur Jn (00:05)
05028   Anvt Gkp Spl

Moradabad (17:18)Gorakhpur Jn (05:35)
12558   Sapt Kranti Exp

Moradabad (17:40)Gorakhpur Jn (03:45)
05510   Umb Shc Spl

Moradabad (18:05)Gorakhpur Jn (06:40)
19601   Udz Njp Exp

Moradabad (18:25)Gorakhpur Jn (04:30)
12524   Ndls Njp Sf Exp

Moradabad (18:25)Gorakhpur Jn (04:30)
15280   Poorabiya Exp

Moradabad (20:30)Gorakhpur Jn (07:55)
15002   Ddn Mfp Exp

Moradabad (20:30)Gorakhpur Jn (07:55)
15006   Ddn Gkp Exp

Moradabad (20:30)Gorakhpur Jn (07:55)
05282   Andi Bju Spl

Moradabad (20:35)Gorakhpur Jn (08:10)
15274   Satyagrah Exp

Moradabad (21:00)Gorakhpur Jn (10:15)
19269   Pbr Motihari Ex

Moradabad (23:50)Gorakhpur Jn (10:50)
12212   Mfp Garib Rath

Moradabad (23:50)Gorakhpur Jn (10:50)

More About - Moradabad To Gorakhpur Trains 

Book your train tickets from moradabad to gorakhpur. Trains that run on this route are Cdg Dbrg Expres, Ndls Njp Sf Exp, Maur Dhawaj Exp, Shaheed Exp, Jammu Gkp Exp, Satyagrah Exp, Umb Shc Spl, Andi Bju Spl, Amarnath Exp, Anvt Gkp Spl and etc. You can board your train from different locations in moradabad like Moradabad. You can also choose your train according to total time taken by different trains which varies from 13 hrs 15 mins to 10 hours 3 mins. Choose your train according to your suitability like trains that run on daily basis like Avadh Assam Exp, Satyagrah Exp, Sapt Kranti Exp or train that run sporadically like Shc Garib Rath, Mfp Garib Rath, Cdg Dbrg Spl, Umb Shc Spl, Pbr Motihari Ex, Poorabiya Exp, Dee Dbg Spl, Ddn Gkp Exp, Cdg Dbrg Expres, Udz Njp Exp etc. There are different trains passing from various stations from moradabad like from Moradabad( like Cdg Dbrg Expres, Anvt Gkp Spl, Ddn Mfp Exp, Jammu Gkp Exp, Shaheed Exp, Ddn Gkp Exp, Cdg Dbrg Spl, Avadh Assam Exp, Andi Bju Spl, Satyagrah Exp ).