Available Trains

19167   Sabarmati Exp

Lucknow (01:05)Shahganj Jn (06:40)
19165   Sabarmati Exp

Lucknow (01:05)Shahganj Jn (06:30)
14018   Sadbhavna Exp

Alamnagar (03:00)Shahganj Jn (08:15)
12226   Kaifiyat Exp

Lucknow (03:20)Shahganj Jn (08:00)
14854   Marudhar Expres

Lucknow (03:40)Shahganj Jn (08:15)
15716   Garib Nawaj Exp

Lucknow (05:35)Shahganj Jn (10:05)
14650   Saryuyamuna Exp

Lucknow (06:20)Shahganj Jn (10:55)
13238   Kota Pnbe Exp

Lucknow (06:20)Shahganj Jn (10:20)
13484   Farakka Express

Lucknow (07:45)Shahganj Jn (12:20)
13010   Doon Express

Lucknow (08:35)Shahganj Jn (13:15)
23010   Doon Exxpress

Lucknow (08:35)Shahganj Jn (13:15)
13308   Gangasatluj Exp

Lucknow (12:25)Shahganj Jn (17:45)
19053   St Mfp Express

Lucknow (14:00)Shahganj Jn (20:30)
13152   Sealdah Express

Lucknow (17:20)Shahganj Jn (22:32)
05286   Aii Bju Spl

Lucknow (17:20)Shahganj Jn (00:20)
18192   Utsarg Exp

Lucknow (18:55)Shahganj Jn (01:50)
14236   Be Bsb Express

Lucknow (23:15)Shahganj Jn (04:11)
05712   Aii Apdj Spl

Lucknow (23:45)Shahganj Jn (07:20)

About Lucknow City

Often referred to as the ‘City of Nawabs', Lucknow is the capital city of Uttar Pradesh state. Historically known as the Awadh region, Lucknow has always been a multi-cultural city and centre of attraction for people across the world. Besides its rich culture, the city is famous for its Hindi and Urdu poetry, musical gharanas, exquisite chikan work and delectable cuisines. Despite being a bustling capital city, Lucknow presents a unique combination of its old charm and modernity.