Available Trains 

11016   Kushinagar Exp

Lucknow (00:40)Kanpur Central (02:15)
09408   Ljn Adi Spl

Lucknow (02:30)Kanpur Anwrganj (04:35)
12144   Sln Ltt Sf Sp

Lucknow (02:35)Kanpur Central (04:15)
12210   Cnb Garib Rath

Lucknow (03:10)Kanpur Central (04:35)
12541   Gkp Ltt Sup Exp

Lucknow (03:55)Kanpur Central (05:25)
12419   Gomti Exp

Lucknow (05:25)Kanpur Central (06:55)
05103   Cpr Aii Spl

Badshahnagar (05:37)Kanpur Central (07:55)
12174   Udyog Nagri Exp

Lucknow (05:50)Kanpur Central (07:40)
12104   Ljn Pune Exp

Lucknow (06:30)Kanpur Central (07:55)
12511   Rapti Sagar Exp

Badshahnagar (10:58)Kanpur Central (13:17)
12521   Rapti Sagar Exp

Badshahnagar (10:58)Kanpur Central (13:17)
12591   Gkp Ypr Express

Badshahnagar (10:58)Kanpur Central (13:17)
12589   Gkp Sc Express

Badshahnagar (10:58)Kanpur Central (13:17)
11123   Bju Gwl Mail

Lucknow (11:50)Kanpur Central (13:35)
09708   Ljn Jp Spl

Lucknow (12:25)Kanpur Anwrganj (14:05)
05033   Gkp Bdts Spl

Lucknow (12:50)Kanpur Central (14:35)
12875   Neelachal Exp

Lucknow (13:45)Kanpur Central (15:20)
12535   Ljn R Garibrath

Lucknow (14:40)Kanpur Central (16:05)
12003   Ljn Swran Shtbd

Lucknow (15:35)Kanpur Central (16:45)
12179   Ljn Agc Intrcit

Lucknow (15:45)Kanpur Central (17:25)
05031   Gkp Ltt Spl

Lucknow (16:20)Kanpur Central (17:55)
05025   Gkp Ypr Spl

Lucknow (16:20)Kanpur Central (17:55)
11110   Ljn Jhs Int Exp

Lucknow (16:25)Kanpur Central (18:15)
13413   Malda Farakka Express

Lucknow (19:35)Kanpur Central (21:05)
12533   Pushpak Exp

Lucknow (19:45)Kanpur Central (21:20)
01020   Lko Cstm Spl

Lucknow (19:55)Kanpur Central (21:45)
05023   Gkp Pune Spl

Lucknow (20:10)Kanpur Central (21:35)
12565   Bihar S Kranti

Lucknow (21:20)Kanpur Central (22:48)
12555   Gorakdam Expres

Lucknow (21:50)Kanpur Central (23:23)
12553   Vaishali Exp

Lucknow (22:25)Kanpur Central (23:55)
12108   Ljn Ltt Express

Lucknow (22:45)Kanpur Central (00:15)
12593   Ljn Bpl G R

Lucknow (22:45)Kanpur Central (00:30)
12194   Jbp Ypr Sup Exp

Lucknow (22:50)Kanpur Central (00:15)
12184   Pbh Bpl Express

Lucknow (22:50)Kanpur Central (00:15)
12225   Kaifiyat Exp

Lucknow (23:15)Kanpur Central (00:45)
13237   Patna jn Kota Express

Lucknow (23:55)Kanpur Central (01:25)
13239   Patna kota Express

Lucknow (23:55)Kanpur Central (01:20)

About Lucknow City 

Often referred to as the ‘City of Nawabs', Lucknow is the capital city of Uttar Pradesh state. Historically known as the Awadh region, Lucknow has always been a multi-cultural city and centre of attraction for people across the world. Besides its rich culture, the city is famous for its Hindi and Urdu poetry, musical gharanas, exquisite chikan work and delectable cuisines. Despite being a bustling capital city, Lucknow presents a unique combination of its old charm and modernity.

More About - Lucknow To Kanpur Trains 

Book your train tickets from lucknow to kanpur. Some of the trains that run on this route are Kyq Gimb Expres, Kushinagar Exp, Marudhar Expres, Lko Cstm Spl, Ljn Adi Spl, Dwarka Express, Kaifiyat Exp, Vaishali Exp, Avadh Express, Farakka Express and etc. There are different starting junctions like Lucknow, Lucknow. Choose trains between lucknow to kanpur with time approximately from 3 hrs 25 mins to 1 hours 10 mins. You can choose any of the trains that run on daily basis like Chitrakut Exp, Vaishali Exp, Gorakdam Expres, Kir Asr Express, Bihar S Kranti, Bju Gwl Mail, Kushinagar Exp, Ljn Agc Intrcit, Gomti Exp, Lko Jhs Int Exp or some weekly trains like Farakka Express, Ljn Bpl G R, Gkp Bdts Spl, Gkp Ltt Spl, Mfp St Express, Lko Cstm Spl, Indore Express, Neelachal Exp, Kyq Jp Kaviguru, Udyog Nagri Exp and etc. There are different pick up points in lucknow from Lucknow( like Ljn R Garibrath, Ljn Adi Spl, Marudhar Expres, Vaishali Exp, Kyq Gimb Expres, Ljn Bpl G R, Ljn Mas Exp, Kir Asr Express, Pnbe Kota Exp, Indore Express ), Badshahnagar( like Rapti Sagar Exp, Avadh Express, Cpr Aii Spl, Gkp Sc Express, Gkp Ypr Express, Gkp Okha Expres, Utsarg Exp ).