Available Trains

03063   Hwh Njp Special

Howrah Jn (00:10)Rampur Hat (03:25)
13017   Ganadevta Exp

Howrah Jn (06:05)Rampur Hat (10:12)
15657   Kanchanjanga Ex

Sealdah (06:35)Rampur Hat (10:48)
53041   Hwh Dbg Pgr

Howrah Jn (07:15)Rampur Hat (13:15)
13187   Sdah Rph Exp

Sealdah (07:25)Rampur Hat (12:15)
12363   Koaa Hdb Supf E

KOLKATA (09:05)Rampur Hat (12:29)
12513   Sc Ghy Exp

Howrah Jn (11:15)Rampur Hat (14:26)
12509   Guwahati Exp

Howrah Jn (11:15)Rampur Hat (14:26)
12515   Guwahati Exp

Howrah Jn (11:15)Rampur Hat (14:26)
12347   Rampurhat Exp

Howrah Jn (11:55)Rampur Hat (15:35)
07149   Sc Ghy Spl

Howrah Jn (12:50)Rampur Hat (16:20)
13161   Koaa Blgt Exp

KOLKATA (12:55)Rampur Hat (16:40)
13115   Sdah Rph Intrct

Sealdah (13:00)Rampur Hat (17:15)
15227   Muzaffarpur Exp

Howrah Jn (14:15)Rampur Hat (17:41)
12507   Guwahati Exp

Howrah Jn (14:15)Rampur Hat (17:41)
15901   Dibrugarh Exp

Howrah Jn (14:25)Rampur Hat (17:41)
13011   Hwh Mldt Int Ex

Howrah Jn (15:25)Rampur Hat (19:43)
12345   Saraighat Exp

Howrah Jn (15:50)Rampur Hat (18:57)
03067   Hwh Njp Special

Howrah Jn (16:15)Rampur Hat (19:58)
53045   Mayurakshi F Pa

Howrah Jn (16:25)Rampur Hat (22:15)
53047   Viswavarati Pas

Howrah Jn (16:40)Rampur Hat (21:35)
13147   Uttar Banga Exp

Sealdah (19:35)Rampur Hat (23:30)
13023   Hwh Gaya Expres

Howrah Jn (19:50)Rampur Hat (23:48)
13149   Kanchankanya Ex

Sealdah (20:30)Rampur Hat (00:25)
13159   Kolkata Jbn Exp

KOLKATA (20:55)Rampur Hat (02:05)
13133   Sdah Bsb Exp

Sealdah (21:15)Rampur Hat (01:16)
13071   Hwh Jmp Express

Howrah Jn (21:35)Rampur Hat (00:52)
13153   Gour Express

Sealdah (22:15)Rampur Hat (03:02)
13027   Kavi Guru Exp

Howrah Jn (22:40)Rampur Hat (02:40)
12377   Padatik Express

Sealdah (22:55)Rampur Hat (02:17)
03059   Hwh Njp Special

Howrah Jn (23:05)Rampur Hat (02:08)
03129   Koaa Njp Specia

KOLKATA (23:55)Rampur Hat (03:25)
03143   Koaa Njp Spl

KOLKATA (23:55)Rampur Hat (03:10)

About Kolkata City

The capital of West Bengal, Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) is the second largest city in India. Also known as the cultural capital of India, Kolkata, the City of Joy, exudes an energetic charm that impresses and intimidates, making you open yourself to its secrets and blossom in its glorious history. The former headquarters of the East India Company and the capital of British India, Kolkata encompasses a rich and varied heritage, a unique amalgamation of the ancient, colonial, and the modern.

More About - Kolkata To Rampur Hat Trains

Planning to travel from kolkata to rampur hat via rail. Find the list of trains according to your suitability. Some of the trains that run on this route are Sdah Rph Intrct, Sdah Rph Exp, Rampurhat Exp, Sc Ghy Spl, Ganadevta Exp, Saraighat Exp, Hwh Njp Special, Guwahati Exp, Koaa Hdb Supf E and etc. You can board your train from different locations in kolkata like KOLKATA, Howrah Jn. You can also choose your train according to total time taken by different trains which varies from 6 hrs 0 mins to 3 hours 3 mins. Choose your train according to your suitability like trains that run on daily basis like Gour Express, Kanchanjanga Ex, Sdah Bsb Exp, Hwh Jmp Express, Kanchankanya Ex, Saraighat Exp, Rampurhat Exp, Padatik Express, Hwh Mldt Int Ex, Ganadevta Exp or train that run sporadically like Koaa Blgt Exp, Kolkata Jbn Exp, Dibrugarh Exp, Sc Ghy Spl, Muzaffarpur Exp, Hwh Njp Special, Sdah Rph Intrct, Koaa Njp Specia, Sdah Rph Exp, Koaa Hdb Supf E etc. Get your tickets booked on trains from Howrah Jn( like Hwh Dbg Pgr, Dibrugarh Exp, Saraighat Exp, Hwh Njp Special, Hwh Mldt Int Ex, Guwahati Exp, Kavi Guru Exp, Hwh Jmp Express, Hwh Gaya Expres, Sc Ghy Exp ), Sealdah( like Uttar Banga Exp, Sdah Rph Intrct, Padatik Express, Sdah Rph Exp, Sdah Bsb Exp, Kanchankanya Ex, Gour Express, Kanchanjanga Ex ), KOLKATA( like Koaa Njp Specia, Koaa Hdb Supf E, Koaa Njp Spl, Koaa Blgt Exp, Kolkata Jbn Exp ).