Available Trains

53131   Sdah Mfp Fstpgr

Sealdah (05:50)Jasidih Jn (13:44)
11105   Pratham S S Exp

KOLKATA (07:25)Jasidih Jn (12:37)
12317   Akal Takht Exp

Sealdah (07:40)Jasidih Jn (12:14)
12325   Koaa Nldm Exp

KOLKATA (07:40)Jasidih Jn (12:14)
12303   Poorva Express

Howrah Jn (08:05)Jasidih Jn (12:12)
13007   U Abhatoofan Ex

Howrah Jn (09:35)Jasidih Jn (15:38)
15233   Koaa Dbg Exp

KOLKATA (10:40)Jasidih Jn (16:05)
15235   Hwh Dbg Express

Howrah Jn (11:05)Jasidih Jn (16:02)
03135   Koaa Gkp Specia

KOLKATA (11:25)Jasidih Jn (17:45)
03131   Koaa Rxl Specia

KOLKATA (11:25)Jasidih Jn (17:45)
12315   Annanya Expres

Sealdah (13:10)Jasidih Jn (17:37)
12369   Kumbha Express

Howrah Jn (13:10)Jasidih Jn (16:58)
12327   Upasana Express

Howrah Jn (13:10)Jasidih Jn (16:58)
13105   Sdah Bui Expres

Sealdah (13:20)Jasidih Jn (18:45)
13049   Amritsar Exp

Howrah Jn (13:50)Jasidih Jn (20:25)
12023   Janshatabdi Exp

Howrah Jn (14:05)Jasidih Jn (18:19)
12305   Kolkata Rjdhni

Howrah Jn (14:05)Jasidih Jn (17:35)
15051   Koaa Gkp Exp

KOLKATA (14:30)Jasidih Jn (19:53)
15047   Purbanchal Exp

KOLKATA (14:30)Jasidih Jn (19:53)
15049   Koaa Gkp Exp

KOLKATA (14:30)Jasidih Jn (19:53)
13185   Gangasagar Exp

Sealdah (15:40)Jasidih Jn (22:55)
13021   Mithila Express

Howrah Jn (15:45)Jasidih Jn (22:11)
13005   Amritsar Mail

Howrah Jn (19:10)Jasidih Jn (23:20)
12359   Pnbe Garib Rath

KOLKATA (20:00)Jasidih Jn (00:23)
12333   Vibhuti Express

Howrah Jn (20:00)Jasidih Jn (00:08)
13111   Lal Quila Exp

KOLKATA (20:15)Jasidih Jn (02:04)
13039   Janta Express

Howrah Jn (20:20)Jasidih Jn (01:42)
12351   Danapur Express

Howrah Jn (20:35)Jasidih Jn (01:13)
13155   Mithilanchal Ex

KOLKATA (20:55)Jasidih Jn (02:47)
13157   Tirhut Express

KOLKATA (20:55)Jasidih Jn (02:47)
13019   Bagh Express

Howrah Jn (21:45)Jasidih Jn (02:59)
53139   Koaa Dghr Pgs

KOLKATA (22:25)Jasidih Jn (05:50)
53141   Koaa Jsme Pass

KOLKATA (22:25)Jasidih Jn (05:50)
12253   Anga Express

Howrah Jn (23:00)Jasidih Jn (03:12)
53049   Hwh-Mka-Pas

Howrah Jn (23:10)Jasidih Jn (06:36)
03065   Hwh Pnbe Specia

Howrah Jn (23:55)Jasidih Jn (04:58)
12331   Himgiri Express

Howrah Jn (23:55)Jasidih Jn (04:36)

About Kolkata City

The capital of West Bengal, Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) is the second largest city in India. Also known as the cultural capital of India, Kolkata, the City of Joy, exudes an energetic charm that impresses and intimidates, making you open yourself to its secrets and blossom in its glorious history. The former headquarters of the East India Company and the capital of British India, Kolkata encompasses a rich and varied heritage, a unique amalgamation of the ancient, colonial, and the modern.