Available Trains

53131   Sdah Mfp Fstpgr

Sealdah (05:50)Durgapur (09:58)
12019   Satabdi Express

Howrah Jn (06:05)Durgapur (07:48)
13317   Blackdiamond Ex

Howrah Jn (06:15)Durgapur (08:54)
13051   Hool Express

Howrah Jn (06:45)Durgapur (09:46)
12303   Poorva Express

Howrah Jn (08:05)Durgapur (10:04)
12371   Hwh Jsm Exp

Howrah Jn (08:15)Durgapur (10:17)
12353   Hwh Lku Exp

Howrah Jn (08:15)Durgapur (10:17)
12381   Poorva Express

Howrah Jn (08:15)Durgapur (10:17)
03061   Hwh Ltt Special

Howrah Jn (08:15)Durgapur (10:17)
13007   U Abhatoofan Ex

Howrah Jn (09:35)Durgapur (12:33)
15233   Koaa Dbg Exp

KOLKATA (10:40)Durgapur (13:18)
15235   Hwh Dbg Express

Howrah Jn (11:05)Durgapur (13:18)
03135   Koaa Gkp Specia

KOLKATA (11:25)Durgapur (14:56)
03131   Koaa Rxl Specia

KOLKATA (11:25)Durgapur (14:56)
13151   Jammu Tawi Exp

KOLKATA (11:45)Durgapur (14:25)
12329   W B Smprk Krnti

Sealdah (13:10)Durgapur (15:29)
19605   Koaa Aii Expres

KOLKATA (13:10)Durgapur (15:27)
12379   Jalianwalab Exp

Sealdah (13:10)Durgapur (15:29)
12319   Koaa Agc Expres

KOLKATA (13:10)Durgapur (15:29)
13105   Sdah Bui Expres

Sealdah (13:20)Durgapur (16:33)
13025   Hwh Bpl Express

Howrah Jn (13:25)Durgapur (15:29)
03125   Koaa Anvtspecia

KOLKATA (13:45)Durgapur (16:23)
13049   Amritsar Exp

Howrah Jn (13:50)Durgapur (17:17)
12023   Janshatabdi Exp

Howrah Jn (14:05)Durgapur (15:58)
18627   Hwh Rnc Int Exp

Howrah Jn (14:25)Durgapur (16:23)
15047   Purbanchal Exp

KOLKATA (14:30)Durgapur (17:38)
15049   Koaa Gkp Exp

KOLKATA (14:30)Durgapur (17:41)
15051   Koaa Gkp Exp

KOLKATA (14:30)Durgapur (17:41)
11448   Shaktipunj Exp

Howrah Jn (14:35)Durgapur (16:43)
13185   Gangasagar Exp

Sealdah (15:40)Durgapur (19:35)
13021   Mithila Express

Howrah Jn (15:45)Durgapur (19:04)
53045   Mayurakshi F Pa

Howrah Jn (16:25)Durgapur (19:13)
13503   Intercity Exp

Sealdah (16:40)Durgapur (20:03)
12313   Sdah Rajdhaniex

Sealdah (16:50)Durgapur (18:48)
12383   Intercity Exp

Sealdah (17:00)Durgapur (20:03)
12339   Coal Field Exp

Howrah Jn (17:20)Durgapur (19:24)
12177   Chambal Exp

Howrah Jn (17:45)Durgapur (19:52)
12175   Chambal Exp

Howrah Jn (17:45)Durgapur (19:52)
19306   Shipra Exp

Howrah Jn (17:45)Durgapur (19:51)
22912   Shipra Exp

Howrah Jn (17:45)Durgapur (19:52)
12341   Agnibina Expres

Howrah Jn (18:20)Durgapur (20:24)
13005   Amritsar Mail

Howrah Jn (19:10)Durgapur (21:11)
12311   Hwh Dli Klk Mai

Howrah Jn (19:40)Durgapur (21:41)
12333   Vibhuti Express

Howrah Jn (20:00)Durgapur (22:02)
12359   Pnbe Garib Rath

KOLKATA (20:00)Durgapur (22:12)
13039   Janta Express

Howrah Jn (20:20)Durgapur (23:08)
13009   Doon Express

Howrah Jn (20:30)Durgapur (23:31)
12351   Danapur Express

Howrah Jn (20:35)Durgapur (22:38)
13155   Mithilanchal Ex

KOLKATA (20:55)Durgapur (00:15)
13157   Tirhut Express

KOLKATA (20:55)Durgapur (00:15)
13019   Bagh Express

Howrah Jn (21:45)Durgapur (00:26)
12321   Hwh Mumbai Mail

Howrah Jn (22:00)Durgapur (00:05)
53141   Koaa Jsme Pass

KOLKATA (22:25)Durgapur (02:15)
53139   Koaa Dghr Pgs

KOLKATA (22:25)Durgapur (02:15)
03127   Koaa Hw Special

KOLKATA (22:40)Durgapur (01:05)
12496   Pratap Express

KOLKATA (22:45)Durgapur (01:00)
53049   Hwh-Mka-Pas

Howrah Jn (23:10)Durgapur (02:41)
12987   Sdah Ajmer Exp

Sealdah (23:20)Durgapur (01:38)
03065   Hwh Pnbe Specia

Howrah Jn (23:55)Durgapur (01:53)
03113   Sdah Ndls Spl

Sealdah (23:55)Durgapur (02:28)

About Kolkata City

The capital of West Bengal, Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) is the second largest city in India. Also known as the cultural capital of India, Kolkata, the City of Joy, exudes an energetic charm that impresses and intimidates, making you open yourself to its secrets and blossom in its glorious history. The former headquarters of the East India Company and the capital of British India, Kolkata encompasses a rich and varied heritage, a unique amalgamation of the ancient, colonial, and the modern.

More About - Kolkata To Durgapur Trains

Are you looking for a train from kolkata to durgapur? If yes, know about some of the major trains that run between these stations. Some of the trains running on this route are Shipra Exp, Vibhuti Express, Koaa Dbg Exp, Purbanchal Exp, Pnbe Garib Rath, Koaa Gkp Exp, Mithilanchal Ex, Hool Express, Agnibina Expres. You can board your train from different locations in kolkata like Howrah Jn, KOLKATA, Sealdah. There are different trains that travel from kolkata to durgapur and time taken by these trains varies from 4 hrs 8 mins to 1 hours 43 mins. Out of these 24 trains run daily and are Doon Express, Amritsar Mail, Blackdiamond Ex, Jammu Tawi Exp, Gangasagar Exp, Shaktipunj Exp, Sdah Rajdhaniex, Sdah Mfp Fstpgr, Coal Field Exp, Sdah Ajmer Exp and 36 are on weekly basis. There are different pick up points in kolkata from Sealdah( like Sdah Rajdhaniex, Intercity Exp, Gangasagar Exp, Sdah Mfp Fstpgr, Jalianwalab Exp, Intercity Exp, Sdah Ajmer Exp, Sdah Ndls Spl, Sdah Bui Expres, W B Smprk Krnti ), Howrah Jn( like Janta Express, Hwh Lku Exp, Hwh Jsm Exp, Bagh Express, Coal Field Exp, Agnibina Expres, Shipra Exp, U Abhatoofan Ex, Shaktipunj Exp, Amritsar Exp ), KOLKATA( like Pnbe Garib Rath, Koaa Rxl Specia, Koaa Dghr Pgs, Koaa Agc Expres, Purbanchal Exp, Koaa Gkp Exp, Koaa Gkp Specia, Tirhut Express, Koaa Dbg Exp, Koaa Hw Special ).