Available Trains

05285   Ranchi Special

Kiul Jn (01:17)Ranchi (10:25)
18606   Jyg Rnc Express

Kiul Jn (01:17)Ranchi (10:20)
18621   Patliputra Exp

Kiul Jn (18:21)Ranchi (04:35)
08632   Kir Rnc Special

Kiul Jn (19:52)Ranchi (05:35)
08623   Shc Rnc Special

Kiul Jn (19:52)Ranchi (05:35)
18604   Bgp Rnc Express

Kiul Jn (20:00)Ranchi (05:35)
15028   Maurya Express

Kiul Jn (20:12)Ranchi (07:45)

More About - Kiul To Ranchi Trains

Book your train tickets from kiul to ranchi. Some of the trains that run on this route are Maurya Express, Patliputra Exp, Jyg Rnc Express, Shc Rnc Special, Ranchi Special, Bgp Rnc Express, Kir Rnc Special and etc. The train starts from various stations in kiul like Kiul Jn. Different trains running from kiul to ranchi takes time approximately from 11 hrs 33 mins to 9 hours 3 mins. Out of these 2 trains run daily and are Maurya Express, Patliputra Exp and 5 are on weekly basis. There are different trains passing from various stations from kiul like from Kiul Jn( like Maurya Express, Shc Rnc Special, Kir Rnc Special, Ranchi Special, Patliputra Exp, Jyg Rnc Express, Bgp Rnc Express ).