Available Trains

10111   Konkan Kanya Ex

Khed (04:02)Kankavali (08:40)
11003   Rajya Rani Exp

Khed (05:04)Kankavali (10:00)
01045   Mao Ganpati Spl

Khed (05:52)Kankavali (10:46)
01033   Cstm Mao Spl

Khed (05:52)Kankavali (10:46)
09401   Adi Madgaon Spl

Khed (06:22)Kankavali (10:58)
09056   Brc Madgaon Spl

Khed (06:22)Kankavali (10:58)
09403   Madgaon Special

Khed (06:36)Kankavali (11:40)
09416   Ganpati Special

Khed (06:48)Kankavali (12:00)
09009   Ganpati Special

Khed (06:48)Kankavali (12:00)
01203   Cstm Swv Specia

Khed (07:26)Kankavali (13:30)
50105   Diva Swv Pass

Khed (11:00)Kankavali (15:57)
10103   Mandovi Express

Khed (12:02)Kankavali (16:42)
01041   Pern Ganpati Sp

Khed (18:02)Kankavali (22:38)
01043   Pern Ganpati Sp

Khed (18:02)Kankavali (22:38)
01039   Ltt Pernem Spl

Khed (18:02)Kankavali (22:38)
01067   Ltt Ten Special

Khed (18:50)Kankavali (23:20)
09418   Ganpati Special

Khed (21:42)Kankavali (01:50)

More About - Khed To Kankavali Trains

Are you looking for a train from khed to kankavali? If yes, know about some of the major trains that run between these stations. Trains that run on this route are Diva Swv Pass, Pern Ganpati Sp, Ltt Ten Special, Ganpati Special, Cstm Swv Specia, Cstm Mao Spl, Madgaon Special, Mao Ganpati Spl and etc. There are various points from where you can catch up these trains like Khed. Different trains running from khed to kankavali takes time approximately from 6 hrs 4 mins to 4 hours 8 mins. You can choose any of the trains that run on daily basis like Rajya Rani Exp, Mandovi Express, Konkan Kanya Ex, Diva Swv Pass or some weekly trains like Ltt Pernem Spl, Ganpati Special, Pern Ganpati Sp, Cstm Swv Specia, Adi Madgaon Spl, Mao Ganpati Spl, Madgaon Special, Cstm Mao Spl, Ltt Ten Special, Brc Madgaon Spl and etc. There are number of trains running daily and sporadically from Khed( like Diva Swv Pass, Brc Madgaon Spl, Ganpati Special, Adi Madgaon Spl, Cstm Mao Spl, Ltt Ten Special, Mao Ganpati Spl, Madgaon Special, Cstm Swv Specia, Rajya Rani Exp ).