Available Trains

12618   Mngla Lksdp Exp

Khandwa (00:15)Nasik Road (05:18)
13201   Rjpb Ltt Exp

Khandwa (00:35)Nasik Road (06:29)
12321   Hwh Mumbai Mail

Khandwa (01:05)Nasik Road (07:19)
01702   Jbp Cstm Spl

Khandwa (02:35)Nasik Road (07:48)
04112   Gwl Ltt Exp

Khandwa (02:35)Nasik Road (07:49)
02187   Cstm Garibrath

Khandwa (02:35)Nasik Road (07:48)
01102   Gwl Ltt Special

Khandwa (02:35)Nasik Road (07:49)
12187   Mumbai Garibrat

Khandwa (02:35)Nasik Road (07:45)
18609   Rnc Ltt Express

Khandwa (02:35)Nasik Road (07:49)
12168   Bsb Ltt Sup Exp

Khandwa (03:10)Nasik Road (07:58)
04115   Ald Ltt Spl

Khandwa (03:55)Nasik Road (10:45)
11094   Mahanagari Exp

Khandwa (04:15)Nasik Road (09:18)
05031   Gkp Ltt Spl

Khandwa (06:50)Nasik Road (13:30)
15018   Gkp Ltt Exp

Khandwa (08:20)Nasik Road (13:58)
12520   Kyq Ltt Ac Exp

Khandwa (08:40)Nasik Road (13:34)
12335   Bgp Ltt Express

Khandwa (10:05)Nasik Road (15:24)
15646   Ghy Ltt Exp

Khandwa (10:05)Nasik Road (15:24)
14314   Be Ltt Express

Khandwa (10:05)Nasik Road (15:23)
15648   Ghy Ltt Express

Khandwa (10:05)Nasik Road (15:24)
12533   Pushpak Exp

Khandwa (10:30)Nasik Road (15:13)
21068   Saket Link Exp

Khandwa (11:30)Nasik Road (16:58)
12742   Pnbe Vsg Expres

Khandwa (11:30)Nasik Road (17:14)
05650   Kyq Ltt Special

Khandwa (11:30)Nasik Road (17:45)
11068   Saket Express

Khandwa (11:30)Nasik Road (16:58)
11070   Tulsi Express

Khandwa (11:30)Nasik Road (16:58)
01048   Gkp Cstm Spl

Khandwa (11:45)Nasik Road (17:30)
01028   Bsb Cstm Spl

Khandwa (12:20)Nasik Road (17:30)
11072   Kamayani Expres

Khandwa (12:50)Nasik Road (18:38)
12162   Lashkar Express

Khandwa (13:05)Nasik Road (18:23)
01020   Lko Cstm Spl

Khandwa (16:05)Nasik Road (21:05)
11058   Asr Ltt Express

Khandwa (16:45)Nasik Road (22:58)
11062   Mfp Ltt Express

Khandwa (17:00)Nasik Road (22:19)
11066   Dbg Ltt Express

Khandwa (17:00)Nasik Road (22:19)
11016   Kushinagar Exp

Khandwa (17:20)Nasik Road (23:18)
01062   Mau Ltt Spl

Khandwa (17:35)Nasik Road (23:50)
12144   Sln Ltt Sf Sp

Khandwa (18:50)Nasik Road (23:43)
01058   Mfp Ltt Specia

Khandwa (21:05)Nasik Road (02:10)
12138   Punjab Mail

Khandwa (21:45)Nasik Road (02:48)

About Nasik City

A delightful city Nasik or Nashik is situated in Maharashtra state of India. Also called the ‘Grape City', Nasik is 180 km away from Maharashtra's capital city Mumbai. Situated in the Western Ghat ranges on the banks of the River Godavari, the city is known for its spectacular surroundings and soothing climate. Despite being a bustling city, Nasik presents an excellent blend of old and new, through its fascinating forts, magnificent temples and big industries. Nasik is also serves as a base to visit pilgrimage centre of Shirdi, the abode Shri Sai Baba, visited by thousands of devotees round the year.

More About - Khandwa To Nasik Trains

Are you looking for a train from khandwa to nasik? If yes, know about some of the major trains that run between these stations. Some of the trains that run on this route are Gkp Cstm Spl, Ghy Ltt Express, Kamayani Expres, Gkp Ltt Spl, Mau Ltt Spl, Mfp Ltt Express, Gwl Ltt Exp, Pnbe Vsg Expres, Saket Express, Cstm Garibrath and etc. The train starts from various stations in khandwa like Khandwa. Choose trains between khandwa to nasik with time approximately from 6 hrs 50 mins to 4 hours 43 mins. You can plan your trip according to your choice. Choose train that run on daily basis like Gkp Ltt Exp, Bsb Ltt Sup Exp, Punjab Mail, Kushinagar Exp, Asr Ltt Express, Hwh Mumbai Mail, Mahanagari Exp, Kamayani Expres, Rjpb Ltt Exp, Mngla Lksdp Exp or train that run weekly like Lko Cstm Spl, Cstm Garibrath, Lashkar Express, Saket Express, Ghy Ltt Exp, Be Ltt Express, Ald Ltt Spl, Tulsi Express, Sln Ltt Sf Sp, Mau Ltt Spl etc. There are different pick up points in khandwa from Khandwa( like Be Ltt Express, Gwl Ltt Special, Mngla Lksdp Exp, Hwh Mumbai Mail, Saket Express, Mahanagari Exp, Tulsi Express, Kushinagar Exp, Jbp Cstm Spl, Gkp Ltt Exp ).